The last journal that was posted on my account entitled "Last night" was not written by me.  That day I had been at my in-law's house and posted a comment on one of my groups.  My ex lives with his parents.  I forgot to log out of cafemom.  The only person who I can conclude who wrote that post was my ex.  I was sleeping at the time of the post and I had also been talking a few friendson the phone before that.  I have plenty of evidence proving that it wasn't me.  I just wish that I could make this journal available to everyone who had seen it the other day. 


Here are some more reasons why I wouldn't do that:

 1. I am breastfeeding.  I can't afford to drink and get smashed because all that would get into my milk.

2. I have no one to watch my girls here except for Sara, and she lives in Olympia.

3. I don't sleep around and I would never be that irresponsible.  I have kids that deserve better than that. 

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Oct. 17, 2007 at 3:01 AM i didnt see the post but it sounds pretty bad! thats messed up of him to do. im sure you are a good, responsible mom.

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