Today is Friday and I still have my whole house to clean,dogs need baths,and I need to get rid of this rotten headache.

    There is a show about 35 miles from here---I just can't decide if I want to enter Tiki in it or not.She is still #3 Shih Tzu in the Top Ten for 2007 so maybe I'll just skip this one.The pupys had their 1 st shot this week.They will be 7 weeks old tomorrow.The little boy is just so darn cute.In some ways he reminds me of my dear little Bentley.Bentley has been gone now for 2 1/2 months and it seems like just yesterday.Don't get me wrong,I love all my dogs but Bentley was a little extra special to me.Maybe because He was my baby from his 2 nd day of life.I tube fed him until he could drink from a bottle.He went to work with me every day and slept on my pillow behind my head.I know life goes on  and I am thankful for having had him in my life.Enough of this pity party.

Speaking of parties---tomorrow our church is having a b'day party for the Bishop's wife.She is such a wonderful person,and everyone in the church thinks the world of her.I'm sure the party is going to be alot of fun.

The yard is almost ready for winter.BRRRRRRRRRR.Still need to put down some fertilizer---have to feed the weeds you  The weather here has been so nice especially for October.

We have had enough rain for awhile - due for some sunshine.That's all for today.God Bless one and all.

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