Hi sorry to everyone that had sent me e-mail lately. I haven't had my computer for the last little bit, We had lent my lap top to a friend in in the hospital so he could keep up on his school work.  I am working about every other day  ( which leaves little time to finish house work) on Tues I got a call from school  because my son had gotten sick and needed to come home. My fiance's Grandparent's have not been doing well for a little while now and his Grandfather died this past week ( funeral was today). I am exausted  It has been a sad week. It has been very hard to hold everything together lately. I am going to need to find a way to help me for now i think. Usually walking or running helps  a lot of the time i have one of the dogs with me they are great. Maybe I can find more time to spend out side with the goats. They are such dorks and always get me to laugh. Ok enough whining for now. thanks for listening. Anyone in the area want to stop by for coffee this week :)

I may not be up to leaving my house.

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