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Not interested in debating on this journal. I made this for link information for those who want to explore the topic particularly in exploring other aspects. I may add more links that I find useful as I find them (yes, even ones in support for medical reasons). I am obviously against routine, non-medically indicated, not-as-a-last-resort and not-when-other-corrective-methods-fail types of circumcision, but this journal is NOT about debating the issue. It is an information depot. Period.



Website for Circumcized Men for Support in Foreskin Restoration: NORM (be aware some links are benign and informative on foreskin restoration, but some of the testimonials are a bit hard. However, it is still a good resource for restoration.)

Foreskin Restoration Bulletin Boards (Proof that men are serious about foreskin restoration and it isn't a hoax):

Foreskin Restoration Info Center: (Contains general information, articles, and pictoral documentation of the male penis undergoing restoration but you must click on the link for the pictures, it doesn't just pop up on the screen. They are not porn pictures but do contain pictures of penises, for example, the T-taping technique is a procedural pictoral)    invalid link

Foreskin Restoration Pictoral of Actual Progress: (WARNING: NOT family friendly unless you are okay with pictures of the naked penis. Pictures are not pornographic they are for demonstration purposes only. Pictures of penis immediately upon visiting link.)   invalid link

Foreskin Restoration Info at Circumstitions: (WARNING: page contains two penis pictures partway down. The site is also pro-intact/anti-circ so leaving the link posted will take you to that information so do not click on the related links if you want to avoid such reading material. This particular page only deals with restoration info.)



Can Penile Cancer Be Prevented?: Before considering circumcision as a preventative fore penile cancer, this article has some important information about preventative measures and HPV.  " In the past, circumcision has been suggested as a way to prevent penile cancer. This suggestion was based on studies that reported much lower penile cancer rates among circumcised men than among uncircumcised men. However, most researchers now believe those studies were flawed because they failed to consider other factors that are now known to affect penile cancer risk."  Link provided by happySAHMmomof2

Facing Circumcision: 8 Physicians tell their stories: Not graphic. Just doctors talking. Stance is against routine infant circumcision.

Circumcision Discussion Video: By Annete Owens M.D. Ph.D. A simple, straightforward delivery on the statistics of circumcision and brief history of circumcision. Neither graphic nor hostile.

National Post, Toronto, 2002, News Article: Brittish Columbia to review non-medically indicated circumcision (Interesting to note the stats on circumcision in two provinces in the article. Very low compared to the USA, indicating that intact men are aplenty)

Care of the Foreskin is Plain and Simple: The care of an intact boy is no more involved than the cleaning of a girl. Smegma is not dirt and is just like the self-cleaning secretions of the vagina which are easily washed away with a splash of water. Otherwise, the rule is hands off.  Foreskins can get irritated and can itch, just like labia.  Boys itch them and soothe them as they would any other part.

A Video of a Bris (The ceremony and ritual is peaceful and calming and this is not graphic at all, however, the infant does cry while the Mohel is performing the circumcision and it is a shrill cry):

A Graphic Video of a Routine Circumcision: (WARNING: If you want to see the surgery only, watch it with the sound off first so that you can see the non-medically indicated circumcision from an educational standpoint: how the foreskin must be first torn from the glans, and how much skin is cut off -- they do not take off a tiny little piece, it is quite a lot in proportion to the size of the infant penis. In the video, they did not give the infant near enough anesthetic so watching with the sound on will be extremely disturbing. WARNING)



AMA Report 10 of the Council on Scientific Affairs (I-99) Full Text on Neonatal Circumcision: Article was not written for the general population--it is for medical professionals. A lot of information here; as close to unbiased as one can get. Of particular interest was the citing of studies that do indicate that uncircumcized males are are a higher risk for UTIs in the first year of life, particularly the first three months, however, this rate is only 0.4 - 1% (in other words, the percent of males who do get UTIs are relatively small). The rate of true phimosis in uncircumcized males cited at 4%. The article also cites that while circumcized men have lower incidence of HIV infection, the foreskin was not the cause because it was behavior that resulted in HIV infection not the presence or absence of foreskin.

Circumcision for Phimosis and Other Medical Indications in Western Australian Boys: Study of the rise in rate of phimosis diagnosis in boys 15 years and under. Had a good example of peputial adhesians--non-retractivle foreskin due to normal penile development--and medical phimosis--non retractivle foreskin--due to two conditions balanities xerotica obliterans and balanoposthitis, an acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous surface of the prepuce that results from several causes, including fungal, bacterial and protozoal infections and risk factors such as poor penile hygiene.

True Phimosis Conservative Treatment Options: Medical science has developed three classes of treatments other than radical circumcision for a narrow foreskin. The first treatment is medical by topical application of an ointment to the prepuce; the second is gradual stretching of the opening of the prepuce to make it wider; and the third is surgical reshaping of the prepuce--preputal plasty--opening to make it wider.
Topical Steroid Treatment:
Lateral Preputioplasty for Phimosis Treatment:
Beaugé Method: Treatment in adolescents is to reccommend a change in masturabatory stimulation to one that mimics coitis rather than one that forces the skin into atypical configurations.
Manual Stretching of Prepuce for Phimosis Treatement:
Skin that is under tension expands by growing additional cells. A permanent increase in size occurs by gentle stretching over a period of time. The treatment is non-traumatic and non-destructive. Manual stretching may be carried out without the aid of a medical doctor: Stretching can be done using the fingers, a small baloon device (GFS), or callipers. Batamthasone, a steroid cream, plus stretching doubly effective.
Cost Effectiveness of Conservative Treatment

Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans Conservative Treatement Options: BXO is usually distinguished by a ring of hardened tissue with a whitish color at the tip of the foreskin. The hardening of the tissue prevents retraction of the foreskin. If the biopsy rules out BXO as a cause of non-retractile foreskin, then conservative treatment is most likely possible. On the other hand, if the biopsy confirms the presence of BXO, the choice of treatment modality is more difficult though other treatments are available to try before circumcision.

AAFP Urinary Tract Infections in Children: Why They Occur and How to Prevent Them
According to this article uncircumcised male infants appear to be at increased risk of UTIs in the first three months of life. In a study of 100 otherwise healthy infants ranging in age from five days to eight months and admitted to the hospital because of a first known UTI, most of the UTIs in infants younger than three months of age were in males, but female infants predominated thereafter. In order to prevent 1 incidence of UTI in an infant, at least 100 male infants must be circumcized. In the rare case where a boy does have an abnormal upper tract, and has suffered from recurrent UTIs, a doctor may suggest circumcision in an attempt to eliminate at least one possible cause of another UTI-- from bacteria that might be in the foreskin. However, circumcision is not a cure for UTIs. Even if he is circumcised, the child may still suffer from more UTIs caused by other factors.

Urinary Tract Infections
Multi-part quick guide (click side menu to visit different parts of the guide). Explanation, Risks, and Treatments in Adults. Of note: no where is foreskin listed as a cause of a UTI and circumcision is not listed as a cure.

AAFP Does Neonatal Circumcision Decrease Morbidity?
Although the evidence shows that morbidity is decreased in circumcised males, the occurrence of complications (such as UTI or balanitis) is believed to be preventable through good hygiene, and the incidence of the preventable disease (such as penile cancer) is so low in the general population as to not justify the procedure (for all male infants).



Circumcision Styles and Types for Adult Men: Just like women will have their labia surgically altered for personal aesthetic purposes, so too adult men will willingly and happily undergo cosmetic surgery on their genitals. Men who choose for their own reasons are happy with their circumcisions (some are not). This is no different than elective surgery for breast enhancements, breast reductions, and other cosmetic surgeries on butts, thighs, stomaches, and faces. This link is provided not as a position for infant circumcision, it is provided for learning the types of circumcisions styles when a boy is old enough to make his own decision. It is important to keep in mind always that it is easier to remove a foreskin later than it is to try and grow a substitute back.

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Oct. 21, 2007 at 8:44 PM Thank you for pointing me towards this journal post.  It is very informative, and it will take me a while to explore all the links.

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Oct. 21, 2007 at 11:55 PM Did you see this one about a man who was circumcised as a young boy as punishment for masturbating.

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Apr. 24, 2008 at 1:48 PM Great Info! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together. The articles on Restoration are very interesting!

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