Daisy is a white bunny in a dress with a yellow bow between her ears. Daisy is about two inches high and evil. She draws on walls and breaks things and then leaves my poor daughter to take the blame. She is also invincible. My son has squashed her, swallowed her and even used a slingshot to send her off. She has magically returned unharmed despite his murderous attempts. She rides high on my daughter's shoulder and tempts her to do things. So far my virtuous daughter has remained strong and NOT done any of the things that Daisy has tried to get her to do... Once my son took a straw and sucked Daisy off my daughter's shoulder which lead to a screamfest that only stopped when he later "found"  Daisy in the toilet.. UGH!!! Finally Daisy had enough of his rough treatment and went to live with her family... YEAHH! Unfortunately Robot KC has moved in and she looks remarkably like my daughter... So even if you think you saw her do something... it wasn't really her... It was Robot KC.

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