Well i am just here withmy son and we're watching Disney Channel like always. I gotta get going in a while ... the house is not too much of a mess like it always is ... i always feel like i'm so behind on housework... one i dont want to miss out on things tha tmy baby does and well two ... he's 10 months so ... yeah he's begining to want to walk and he crawls everywhere...a nd gets anything that he can reach.... it's just kind of hard to clean while he's awake... tomorrow we're having a barbq... not a big thing just us three and another family of three .... so i have to clean jajaja.... it's a  godo thing cause if it werent for that i wouldnt feel obligated to clean ...most of the times wheni  dont finish i just leave it for the following day if i'm too tired so yeah.. but not today ilike to have ppl over cause i get to see my house extra clean ....i get sopissed off sometimes because last night my husband stayed up until like 5 am playing his xbox(halo3) i just hate it so much... he gets home from work at 2am as it is ... so i dont get time with him then he comes home and donest go to bed until very late.. then wakes up and what does he do.. ? Play videogames! if that thing wasent so expensive i'd trash it right away... damn so the point is my hyusband dones help me with him when he is at home... which is pretty much when i really need him.... so that when i am making his breakfast .... lunch... ironing his uniform and making his lunch... and hopefully cleaning a little... i will be able to do it much faster if he plays iwth him or keeps him busy... but yeah i'm excited to see my house clean jajaja lol ... everything's much much better when the house looks great...

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