Had so much fun this week end!Yesterday Connie and I went up to Sheridan to spend the day with our friend.We took the puppys with us to be evaluated by the breeder.That went very well.Then the 3 of us left and had lunch at  The Great Wall(Chinese food)yummy!!!!!!After lunch we decided to go over to the Peddler's Market.If you like to look at stuff this is the place to go.They have 3 whole floors of just stuff.I did find a collectable spoon for my daughter.She is into the royalty things.I think she will like it.We must have spent at least 2 1/2 hours there,and I'm sure we didn't really see everything.Last stop was at Goodwill.Love that store!!!I found several nice wear around the house on cleaning days or when I am doing  dog grooming.Got home a little before 6 pm and quite tired.Of course I'm ready to do it again.Life is to short not to spend time with friends and just let your hair down and have fun.

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