Tomorrow is Chloe and Natalie's birthday party at Build a Bear. We've taken great care in who has been invited and why. We allowed the girl's to chose three friends each, and family that I decided would actually come for more than a free bear. It was a joint decesion not to invite my father and mother in law. My Father won't come for work realted reason. If he does in fact show. I know i can count on him to be civil to all the other guests and will treat Stephen with respect. My mother in law however, wan't invited for many reasons. I have extended her invitations to all the girls' parties with no show and no attempt for a present. But plenty of tell the girls what she will get them, which never has shown. She choses to celebrate Christmas, and promises gifts aplenty to the girls, nothing but one cheap teddy bear has made it appearence. She ignores my instructions on what food the girls are allowed to eat, and at the last visit she completely ignored myself and her own mother when I stated we had to leave. Instead of giving the girls loving hugs and kisses good bye. She walked out of the room, to ask my husband if he would sell his farm truck to her. Since we don't drive it in town.  How the hell are we supposed to haul hay, furniture and such without it? I'm tired of her empty promises to my children, she makes no effort to see them, she is disrespectful in my own home even. Not to mention she is out of work living with her mother out all hours of the day and night in a car that she claims is about to blow up, leaving her two full size mamouth mutt dogs for her mother to walk and care for.  Now, she's claiming that she's coming to the party tomorrow. My husband thinks that it's just a rouse to get me worked up. I want someone to tell her she's not invited, because when I say anything it's just ignored. With the pregnancy, the death of Chloe's Best Friend's Grandfather who was a clos family frined, and the party in general. The last thing I want and need is her attitude. She acts like she's 15. Like it's something big to sneak out of her mother's house. God this woman needs to grow up. She didn't even raise her own two children. Am I wrong in wantingto protect my children from her many dissappointments? 

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