this is hell. hahaha

 he doesnt know how to take off his jeans, but he does know how to take off his sweat pants, and they have a fake drawstring which pisses me off because if i actually worked and wasnt just for looks, im pretty sure he wouldnt be able to take them off.

and he plays this little game with his socks, he will take them off and then i would take them from him so i wouldnt lose them, (you all know how easy it is to lose a baby sock) and then he would go "ehh ehh" and point at his feet, so i put them back on because he wants me to and he just takes them off again.

 this is a wonderful age. haha hes crazy.

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Nov. 11, 2007 at 1:20 PM We play the same sock game!  It's cute, but gets annoying after awhile!

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