Well, last night as we were about to enjoy a nice dinner, my oldest, Chloe, 4years old, was pickinmg her nose. I informed her that it was rude to do so at the table and to go blow it in the bathroom. She then looks at me and says in her best "I'm smarter than you" 4 year old voice. "Well, I have a bead stuck in my nose." So like any mother I try to look up inside too see if I can get it out. I see it I can't get it. So I do the next best thing I call my Granfather to see what he thinks we should do. he calls his pastor's wife, who is a nurse. He calls back and tells us to take her to the Emergency room. So after sitting there for two hours. She's called back and the Doctor looks up her nose as far as she can. All the while my little girl behaving like an angel. Honest, she sat perfectly still while they probed her little nose to no end. And the final results were... "I don't see it." So there is now one of two possibilities. She swallowed it or it fell out and she didn't tell anyone.  So since we don't know which one, I have to check her poop for the next 2 days... Oh the joys of Parenthood.

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