Question: Should we have to call our 1/2 siblings our brother & sister?


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Our Story
by Sky & Ari:

Our mommy & daddy met at JoCo Mental Health CSS (Community Support Services).  It was not kosher for them to be "dating", but the rules were never enforced.  Mommy was a senior in high school & daddy...well, he was a "bump on a log".  As soon as mommy found out she was preg. she moved out with daddy.  Big mistake!  Mommy & daddy never got along & always fought.  At least mommy graduated high school, but moved back home within 48 hours after graduation.  Daddy has a bad temper & pushed her into a wall.  Charges filed or pressed?  No way.  His mom is a police officer in our town & it 'slipped through the cracks".  Daddy did file stalking charges against grandpa (our papa) for getting mommy out of this bad situation. 
Mommy & daddy's Case Manager at CSS was not the best influence for either of them.  She "helped" daddy get paternity testing done.  But, daddy never did put his name on our Birth Certificates.  The CM was loved by her family, friends & most of the community, but there were a few, our family included, that "fell through the cracks".  The CM was killed by one of her clients during a Schizophernic episode.  Was he deemed insane during his trial?  No!  He was convicted of 1st Degree Murder & was given the "Hard 50".  50 years for an MI episode?  That's insane!  Even his mother said he had no "Safety Net" which would have prevented this incident. 

Mommy had Braxton Hicks a few times early in July (3rd & 15th).  She went in for her check-up on July 29th & the ob/gyn told her to go to the hospital for another stress test & observation.  The stress was twin A (boy) was putting too much stress in twin B (girl).  Sky was crushing Ari to death in utero.  Mommy was admitted to the hospital & grandma Julie (our mama) stayed with her.  Early the morning of July 30th, twin B (girl) was still in distress & an Emergency C-Section was scheduled.  Mommy felt nothing; she wasn't even fearful.  She was however scared to be 18 & having twins & having Severe Mental Illness.  We came into this world on Wed, July 30th, 2003 at 10:52am (twin A, Sky) & 10:53am (Ari) at 35.5 weeks.  Ari had more complications at birth & had to be on oxygen (she continued this for 3 weeks at home) in NICU.  We "lived" in NICU for 11 days & came home with mama, papa & mommy.

Mommy was in a wedding 6 days after we got home.  She came home drunk & our mama & papa told her to get her "life" together before she tried to take care of us.  We don't think mommy cared about anyone except herself because we were 7 weeks old & mommy was left alone with us for a short time (1-1/2 hours) & od'd on her prescription meds.  This was her 1st "attempt", but 13th time being hospitalized for MH issues (suicide ideations & now a suicide attempt).  Mommy was in the hospital for 2 days & demanded our mama & papa to get her out.  They didn't "buy" her demands, so mommy left the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advise) & took off.  We heard it was with daddy, but our mama & papa were concerned about us to the point where they filed a CINC (Children in Need of Care) case.  After 17 months of "battling" issues in Court (mostly was with daddy's mother who wanted visitation on her schedule & wanting us to have this deemed a Children of Divorce case), our mama & papa became our Legal & Permanent Guardians.  They look out for us & makes sure we our needs are met.  We have to watch out for our parent's disabilities & see if we get any residuals from them. 
Sky is MR/DD (Mental Retardation/Developmental Delays), possible ODD &/or Bipolar, has Speech Delays, Social issues, Attachment issues, Asthma & Allergies, PICA (eating disorder), GI & Bowel problems & possible Schizophrenia.  Ari has OCD, Severe Seperation Anxiety Disorder, possible ODD &/or Bipolar, Asthma, Allergies, GI problems, & Schizophrenia. 
Sky had too many Ear & Sinus infections & Ari had cronic battles with Strep & Croup, we got out tonsils & adnoids taken out on Mon, Nov. 19, 2007. 
That's our story.......
More on our story.......
Mommy & daddy both have other "children".  Our 1/2 brother was born Dec. 29, 2005 & was adopted out of the family.  His "daddy" is a Crack, Cocaine, Meth addict.  Our 1/2 sister was born Dec. 27th, 2007.  His "mommy" is ???  Our paternal grandma says our daddy is not "taking care", (meaning paying Child Support) of this child, but is providing "emotional & psychological" support to her.  Do we have to call these 1/2 siblings our brother & sister even if they have 1 same parent as we do? 

2013 Update -
The twins are now 10 & in 5th grade. Skyler was diagnosed with PDD-NOS & Severe ADHD almost 2 years ago.  He struggled with the Autism Communication program he was forced into by the school district before the actual Autism diagnosis.  He lost Field Trip because of behaviors he had the day before.  He does specatcular with Special Olympics as he receives Gold medals more often than not.  This is his outlet; to be with those friends he can count on.  Arianna has "shut down" because she feels Skyler is receiving more attention than her.  They both receive weekly intensive in-home therapy. Hubby suffered a stroke the day before Mother's Day; right before we left for a Track Invitational Meet. Thankfully, we have a great set a parents who took the twins while I spent Mother's Day weekend in the hospital with "papa'.  He lost his health insurance the end of May & has still not received any therapies he needs including OT, PT & Speech. He has had at least 2 additional strokes since May & I am not opening any more medical bill statements. I am now receiving SSDI which is 3/4 of what it should be due to an overpayment right from the start, It is not enough to survive on, but we manage until hubby's SSDI comes through - hoping Jan. '14. 

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Nov. 24, 2007 at 1:45 PM They are soo sweet!!!

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Nov. 24, 2007 at 6:19 PM Ahhh..what a sad story...poor babies....Luckily they have a guardian angel( you) to make sure they are ok!

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Nov. 24, 2007 at 6:26 PM

What a sad situation but I can tell you from my own childhood that skyler nand Arianna will love you and value what you have done for them. I know that I love my grandparents more than my parents and look at them more like my parents. I am soo orry that they have so many issues that they are going to have to deal with durring thier lives  God bless you for taking them I wish there were more people like you then there would not be so many kids in the foster care system


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Nov. 24, 2007 at 6:29 PM

How wonderful to take on such responsibility!  God Bless you!  And what a great story! 

Hope the tonsils out helps! 

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 10:35 PM Wow, you are their savior!  That story actually made me cry.  There is a special place in Heaven for you when it's time.  God bless you, your hubby and those beautiful babies.  People like you inspire other with your kindness and love.

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Jan. 24, 2008 at 5:28 PM

The only reason I voted yes was because they are half siblings no matter what for now, but if you were to adopt them that would change.   You are wonderful people.  I just want to say Thank You for being those type of people who care!

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Feb. 15, 2008 at 10:57 AM

I did not vote b/c in my family the words brother and sister are treasured........people who have no blood relation to us are as much a brother/sister to us as anyone could be.

Bless you for taking on those precious babies as your own and giving them the love and compassion and understanding that they need.

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Mar. 8, 2008 at 4:06 PM I understand. Truly. I was the child of a mother like your daughter and I have a daughter who is also like her. I pray daily that she doesn't get pregnant and hopefully her seeing how hard having kids is (being older when my twins were born) that she won't ever do it. All I can realistically hope for is that her selfishness will out weigh her stupidity.  My daugther is Bipolar (so is my mother) with psychotic tendencies and showing signs of Anti Social Behavior Disorder. Hospitals are the worst place for these kids to be. They should be kept away from the opposite sex so these types of things don't go on. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Those babies are just too precious!

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Mar. 15, 2008 at 7:31 PM I would say that they are technically 1/2 brother and sisters.

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Mar. 15, 2008 at 7:31 PM I also wanted to say that it is great that you stood up and took in your grandbabies. I can not imagine how difficult all of this is for you!

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