I consider myself a liberal. left leaning, tree hugging Democrat.  I frequent all the "liberal" blogs and am becoming increasingly baffled by many in my party who are supporting Dr. Ron Paul. Maybe these people are one issue voters?  I mean, I understand how ending the Iraq war and ending the war on drugs can be appealing.  But when you dig deeper you find out how conservative the man really is.  Am I living in some alternate universe here?  When have liberals ever embraced the ideologies of a conservative?

The intent of my journal is not to disuade the libertarins and republicans who are voting for Ron Paul.  If you really believe his stances, then I have no issue with you voting your conscience...we all should do just that.  But I want to talk to my fellow liberals and ask...why?

His Political report and New World Order fantasies aside, how do you reconcile his 100% ranking by the Christian Coalition and the John Birch Society? How do you explain David Duke's endorsement of him?  What about this quote by an anonymous stormfront member?

Anyone who doesn't vote for Paul on this site is an assclown. Sure he doesn't come right out and say he is a WN [white nationalist], who cares! He promotes agendas and ideas that allow Nationalism to flourish. If we "get there" without having to raise hell, who cares; as long as we finally get what we want. I don't understand why some people do not support this man, Hitler is dead, and we shall probably never see another man like him.

Pat Buchanan's book "Where the Right Went Wrong" is a prime example of getting the point across without having the book banned for anti semitism. The chapters about the war in Iraq sound like a BarMitzvah, but he doesn't have to put the Star of David next to each name for us to know what he means. We are running out of options at this point, and I will take someone is 90% with us versus any of the other choices.

Not to mention if Paul makes a serious run, he legitimizes White Nationalism and Stormfront, for God's sake David Duke is behind this guy!


Now, obviously he cannot be held accountable for comments by his supporters. But what about this little diddy:

 "Cross burning could be a crime if they were violating somebody's property rights,'' he said during his campaign. But if you go out on your farm some place and it's on your property and you put two sticks together and you burn it, I am not going to send in the federal police."

 When you first hear this, it's easy to agree that what one does on their own property is their own business.  But can we still claim that cross burning is free speech when it is used to terrorize another culture of Americans?  Cross burning is considered a hate crime in most parts of the country...and I am totally creeped out by his denial of it (he's focusing on property rights, not civil rights here.)  Speaking of denial please look at this piece about ghost writers and his claim that those weren't his words in his survival report. His argument doesn't hold water.  Is all this just coincidence?  You decide.

Back in 1996, Molly Ivins tried to warn us with this:

Dallas' 5th District, East Texas' 2nd District and the amazing 14th District,which runs all over everywhere, are also in play. In the amazing 14th, Democrat Lefty Morris (his slogan is ''Lefty is Right!'') faces the Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul, who is himself so far right that he's sometimes left, as happens with your Libertarians. I think my favorite issue here is Paul's 1993 newsletter advising ''Frightened Americans'' on how to get their money out of the country. He advised that Peruvian citizenship could be purchased for a mere 25 grand. That we should all become Peruvians is one of the more innovative suggestions of this festive campaign season. But what will the Peruvians think of it?

 Why aren't we listening?  How do we reconcile becoming Peruvians to protect our money and his desire to become our President? Again, odd. Why run for President if you despise the federal government?

But the biggest concern in all this is his desire to privatize everythingHe is anti-environment...because apparently the environment isn't part of the constitution.  Well I have news, there's a little clause in the constitution that provides for federal government intervention in the interest of the general welfare. I'm positive stabilizing our environment is in the best interests of the people of the United States.  I guess his solution would be to contract the EPA out to the highest bidder...maybe even an oil company? <sigh>

Lastly, social security and medicare resulted from the great depression.  There are problems with these two programs, but nothing that can't be solved.  I firmly believe that our government is supposed to help it's citizens when they are down so they can succeed.  I think most liberals feel this way.  It may not be happening now, but my dream is that to be a reality one day.  So when Dr. Paul makes comments like this I would like to know if the great depression wasn't as much as a national tragedy as my history books say it was?  Maybe it didn't even happen in his world?  History has a way of repeating itself....and if elected, I hope those who vote for him are prepared for it.

As for Social Security, "we didn't have it until 1935," Paul says. "I mean, do you read stories about how many people were laying in the streets and dying and didn't have medical treatment? . . . Prices were low and the country was productive and families took care of themselves and churches built hospitals and there was no starvation."

Liberals for Ron Paul....do your research before supporting this man...make sure he stands for what you stand for before you pull the lever. There is much more to him than just his anti-war policy.


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Nov. 25, 2007 at 7:00 PM Excellent post -- Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 7:21 PM Personally I find him a little creepy.  But, that is just a personal opinion.  I agree totally with the last line.  Really do research on him before throwing your support his way.  And not just on the Ron Paul website.

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 7:43 PM

I can see why some people may like him...he's different, a bit more true to himself than the others, radical.  But this liberal stopped reading about him the moment I read that he wanted Roe vs. Wade overturned.  That's the ball breaker with me.

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 8:01 PM

His desire to see Roe v. Wade overturned is directly related, imo, to his belief that there is no basis for the separation of church & state in our country: (Quoting the aforementioned link):

 Ron Paul, as a libertarian, claims to value liberty and to be dedicated to the protection of the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution. In truth, however, Congressman Paul has worked to devalue the liberty guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights.

Ron Paul has worked to hobble the freedom of religion, claiming that there should be no separation of Church and State in American government. In a speech in 2002 explaining his introduction of legislation that would forbid American federal district courts and federal claims courts from hearing cases in which citizens claim to have had their religious freedom violated, Representative Paul complained,

"In case after case, the Supreme Court has used the infamous 'Separation of Church and State' metaphor to uphold court decisions that allow the federal government to intrude upon and deprive citizens of their religious liberty."

Ron Paul further complained in that speech that the government ought not to be blocked from establishing official prayers in schools and at public events, and promoting the Old Testament as the source of American law in courthouses through the exclusive display of the Ten Commandments. In doing so, Ron Paul sided with radical right wing Christian zealots who seek theocracy, like Judge Roy Moore from Alabama.

Ron Paul's legislation, if enacted, would have enabled a two-class system of rights in America, with members of majority religious groups able to establish special rights to enforce their beliefs through the power of government institutions, and others unable to protect their right to not participate in the majority's religious rituals through the constitutionally-guaranteed access to the courts.

The separation of Church and State is not, as Ron Paul claims, infamous. It is celebrated by those who truly cherish liberty. The separation of Church and State has been invaluable in protecting the citizens of the United States of America from the establishment of a tyrannical theocracy of the sort envisioned by many of Ron Paul's Republican political allies. (Source: Congressional Record, June 13, 2002)

I quite agree with this author.  No one is denied religion when the separation of church and state works the way it should. But that separation keeps us from becoming another Theocracy.

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 8:16 PM

Thank you for an EXCELLENT post!  I too have been shocked by the number of liberal minded people who are running out to endorse this man...I believe they are looking at only TWO ISSUES:  Ron Paul's public stance AGAINST the WAR and his assertion that he would do away with the Federal Reserve (Most people don't realize that a handful of families OWN the FEDERAL RESERVE.)

At a recent forum on health care his surrogate stated "You don't expect the government to pay for your car insurance so why on earth should you expect the government to pay for your health insurance."  It's the same old Republican rhetoric...Republican Health Insurance = Don't Get Sick.

If Republican want to vote for him...that's fine, but for Democrats and Independents we need to stop that support by shedding light on important facts!

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 8:53 PM

Its not just Iraq or the federal reserve that are pulling me to vote for Paul...they are but 2 of many issues!

I think its important to have someone in office who respects and upholds the Constitution...not just when its convenient to them, not just when it works to their advantage, but ALL of the time!

We need habeous corpus returned to us! We need TRUE freedom of speech returned to us....even those we highly disagree with! In America they have a right to say as they wish (or they used to). We need all these God awful taxes repealed....the government takes WAAAY too much of our money, our HARD EARNED money and diveys it up any way it sees fit, it uses our money to pay for all sorts of things that we as individuals may not support or agree with and I dont think thats right! I dont want my money to go to something that I dont support and I would suspect that most people feel that way too!

The patriot act is crap and it needs to go, the IRS is just STEALING from hard working Americans and it needs to GO.....and Im sorry if it makes me seem insensitive but I agree with him on health care! I dont think "universal health care" will work....I dont trust the government with my familys health and well being! They have too much control over EVERYTHING in our lives already, I dont want to invite them in anymore....do ANY of you REALLY think they have our best interest at heart??? I sure dont!

We need health freedom and Paul is currently the only one fighting for health freedom for Americans...the FDA is trying to outlaw natural supplements and herbal remedies that have been around for CENTURIES and have been used successfully because it may cut into the drug companies profits....see, they want you to believe they are looking out for your health and wellbeing but thats is NOT what its about!!!! Dont be fooled!

We need that sorry No child left behind thrown in the garbage can and we need true educational freedom as well, the CHOICE to homeschool if you so wish and not have the government rule and regulate the way that you CHOOSE to educate your child....YOUR child, NOT the governments...but they sure want to control everything about your child....what shots they "must" have whether you want it or not, how they are educated.....all the while taking their God given rights away and driving them further and further into debt!!!!!!!!

Ive written waaay too much! I just want it to be very clear that Im no one issue voter....yes, as the wife of a soldier, getting our men and women home is at the top of my list but its not the only issue on the table!

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 9:13 PM

and Connie...just as I used to advocate that Liberal is not a dirty word....because I understood what a true liberal was and that they are not evil scum like some neo cons would have us all believe...I also now advocate that conservative is not a dirty word, because I understand now that a true conservative is nothing like the neo cons that want to turn this nation into a facist regime!

All this slapping on of labels does none of us any good....I dont call myself a liberal or a conservative because I dont want to lump myself into one group and restrict myself to how that one group belives....I agree with some of what both sides say but for the most part I dont conform to one or the other completely....I am an individual and dont need to be a part of any one particular group.

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 9:43 PM


An absolutely excellent post. I love it when facts are presented. Just F'n excellent...(pardon my French...)

Please, re-post this as a Sticky on the Dems Mom Club. A great and factual read. (BTW, I expected nothing less, of course, coming from you...)  =)

You're the best!

Di :)

Admin Partner, Democratic Moms Club

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Nov. 25, 2007 at 9:46 PM

Let me get this straight. He advocates to get rid of the federal reserve and the IRS...and how do we collect taxes to pay for our enormous deficit?  He's a strict constitutionalist so does that mean repealing all the amendments (like civil rights, equal rights the 19th amendment)?  Because if it does, then kiss your right to vote goodbye!  Do you agree with his stand (or lack there of) on the environment?  He wants to hand the government over to the states...but how will he handle the military & social security?  Private contractors?  Look, you've decided to become a libertarian.  Which essentially means you are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, Liz.  As I said, this post is more for those of us who fall into the liberal camp.  I am a liberal and I am proud of it.  I did not condemn the conservative viewpoint, I just don't understand how "liberals" can be swayed by it.  Without labels, how else would I be able to define myself?


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Nov. 25, 2007 at 10:04 PM


I agree that we need to restore habeas corpus and repeal the patriot act.  I also believe the NCLB act is bs and needs to be kicked to the curb! Most Dems agree too! I just don't agree with the rest of his stands.  I do believe in a universal health-care system for all Americans. I believe that Social Security should not be privatized I believe in equal rights and civil liberties.  I believe in  global warming and I believe government can be effective if run by the right people.  As Bill Maher says, Republicans run on a platform that government run programs are bad and that government sucks; then they spend the rest of their terms proving their own point. 

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