I have been trying to loose weight. Weight that was put on from medical issues. I have not had much luck until I came across Sparkpeople. There are so many sites, forums, pages, articles, people that are here to help and encourage me. I love it. Also, I made my own group called St. Tammany Come visit me and join my group.



RHFENNER@YAHOO.COM has invited you to join SparkPeople.com

RHFENNER@YAHOO.COM thought you might want to join SparkPeople.com, the world's largest online health community. Over 1 million people from around the world have joined SparkPeople.com to help them get healthier or lose weight. The folks at SparkPeople.com have been working hard to provide you with premium tools and community features to help you live a healthier life. (Did we mention that it's 100 percent free?) www.SparkPeople.com.


Check out what SparkPeople.com offers:

Support Teams: Meet other people with similar interests and goals who will offer support & motivation when you need it the most; or create a SparkTeam for your friends and family to join.

Personalized SparkPages: Add pictures, blog posts, friends, site favorites and other information to document your healthy life. Share it with anyone or keep it private, you decide.

Calorie Counter & Meal Plans: Get a personalized meal plan to fit your needs and goals, and track your calories and nutrition intake.

Personalized Exercise Program: We'll design a plan to suit your needs, and provide online exercise demonstrations and workout videos that are easy to follow.

Healthy Recipes : Find thousands of healthy, easy to make recipes. Enter your own recipes to calculate their nutrition information.

Are you ready to lose weight and live a healthier life? Just visit www.SparkPeople.com to create your free account and get started today.

Hope to see you on the site!

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