So my six month old daughter has not been acting herself lately. Alot of screaming and no sleeping or eating. I thought it was teething, but I also wanted to rule out an ear infection so I brought her to the doctor today.

It turns out she has strep throat, which because she has had it so long it has also turned into scarlet fever. None of my other kids have strep throat, where did she get it from? (darn that ) On top of the fact that no one else has strep throat she is six months old, it's supposed to be pretty rare for a baby to get strep throat. They are supposed to still have immunities from birth and also such small tonsils.

I thought I was nursing her so that I could give her some immunities which are supposed to prevent her from getting sick. I know a baby that is nursed can still get sick, but how come she gets strep throat? I don't really expect an answer and I know it's not a big deal and I should just be glad I caught it. I just feel sad that I let her go three days or more in pain and that I was letting her cry sometimes in her crib because I just thought she was overtired. I should have brought her into the doctor the first day I suspected something was wrong.  I feel sad.

edited to add: I needed to add that I know it wasn't particularly my fault, but it still makes me sad because I am her mother and she hurts right now and I don't like my baby hurting.

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Nov. 29, 2007 at 10:59 AM

Of course you are going to feel sad for not being able to take her pain away but it's not your fault that you didn't catch it right away. There was no way for you to tell that was what was wrong with her and since it is so rare for babies to get strep nobody would have suspected that. Your are a good mom for realizing that something was not right and taking her in just to have things checked out. Usually once you start them on meds for strep it goes away fairly quickly so I hope she gets better soon!


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Dec. 27, 2007 at 11:31 AM my six monthold son also is the same way he has a really bad rash and he has a strawberry tongue.. he's refusing to nurse and will only drink water.... i don't know what to do.. my grandfather went to the doctors and he found out he has pneumnoia and i was wondering if my son could of caught strepthroat that way..

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Jan. 12, 2008 at 5:20 PM My daughter had strep when she was 6 months also.  I took her to urgent care because I knew something was up.  The strep test came back positive...but they wouldn't treat it because she was too young???  All I could do is give her baby Tylenol to "take the edge off."  I felt so bad for her!  I never knew until then...that a baby could get strep.  I guess it isn't as rare as they say it is!   

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