OK Debbie this one is for you, since you asked.

This is what you have to do to move a garage, to avoid the cost of tearing it down and hauling it away to the dump.

One you spray paint in big letters on the side of garage FREE U HAULL, yes haul is spelt wrong, hubby did that, and felt so stupid afterwards, he kept telling me to go out and fix it, cuz it faced the main street and everyone could see it, but I never fixed it, I thought it was funny, besides fix your own mistakes buddy.

After a few phone calls you might get someone actually interested, and then they change their mind.  Then your mailman will one day say I want your garage and you encourage him to take it.

He, the mailman, or the person who wants it, rents a dumpster to take off the shingles of the garage in your driveway, so that he doesn't have to do it at his house.  This is paid for by the taker.

Then he comes over often, bracing the inside of the garage with 2x4's, he makes all sorts of braces to hold it off the ground while it sits on a trailer.  How do I explain this?  When all is said and done, he backs a flat trailer into the garage which slides under the braces that he has made.  The braces rest on the trailer and wallah, after some tying down (I assume) it is ready to move, very slowly of course.

And that is how you move an old garage.

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Dec. 3, 2007 at 8:58 AM Ohhhhh! Okay! I knew it had to be sitting on something but couldn't tell by the pics. It looked like it was being drug down the street. LOL Wouldn't have been much left to it if that was the case, would there? Thanks for the post!

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