I don't know what is up with my boy today but I've had enough already.  Gage is very jealous of his little brother today.  When I got Nolan out of bed this morning Gage grabbed my leg and tried to push me down.  When I told him "NO" he threw himself on the ground crying like I pinched him.  While I was feeding Nolan his cereal Gage kept climbing in my lap trying to take the spoon of cereal away.  Boo ended up with cereal all over his clean outfit.  When I told Gage "NO" and took the spoon back he threw himself back head butting me in the chine causing me to bite my tongue.  When I put Boo down to play in his bouncey Gage walked over to his blocks and started throwing them all over the room.  When I asked him nicely to stop he yelled "NO" then throw one that hit my eye.  I put him in time out for not listening and all he did was smile at me and not want to stand in the time out corner.  After a huge fit to get him to stand in the time out corner I thought I would spend some one on one time with Gage thinking he just wanted to play with me.  Nope that was a flop.  He kept taking the toys away from me and telling me "NO".  I don't know what has gotten into him today.  I tell ya I have had enough already!!!

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Dec. 3, 2007 at 10:42 AM I can tell, you must don't believe in spankings.  I tried the punishment thing and he would continue to sock his litle sister in the face each chance he got.  I had to spank him and thats the only thing that seemed to work.

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Dec. 17, 2007 at 9:51 PM Do you try to involve him more, like maybe let him try feeding his brother, he'll make a huge mess but it will make him feel important. It sounds like maybe he feels like he's not getting the attention he thinks he needs. With my 3 yr. old I let him do as much as he can. And it works pretty well. Kids are funny but they love to act big. Spanking to me ia a very last resort, I feel like it's an easy way out for people. Right now I am struggling with my two sons, because they don't go to school and it is to cold outside for them so they are like huge bundles of energy. So I try to keep them busy as much as possible. I'll put disney music on in the morning and we'll dance all over the house, I download games to color and play off of the comp., I let them help me cook, anything to keep them from bouncing off the walls. And they ALWAYS  have there personal time. They have to each play in there rooms apart for about 30-45 mins once before there naps and once before there bed times. Hope this helped alittle, Good Luck

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