I'm hoping my whole week isn't shaping up to be like today and yesterday.  Yesterday the boys were cranky and I was streesed because I didn't know how to make them happy.  Today I get a call from my mom saying she can't watch the boys because she is in the hospital with a kidney infection.  I have a class today at 1pm and I don't think I'm going to be able to make it because I have no babysitter for my boys.  I'd call dh to come home and watch the boys for me but he has no phone for me to reach him at and besides if I did get a hold of him he couldn't come home early because he rode to work his partner.  I wouldn't be so stressed about missing class today except this will be my fourth time missing class and the attendance policy say's 4 absence is an automatic"F".  I have a test in that class which I don't want to miss because I've worked to hard just to let something like this ruine it for me.  I'm going for my associates of applied science degree for graphic design.  All I can say is ,"why me?"  Things just don't seem to be going right for us lately.  We are behind on our bills because dh has been off and on with work for the past few weeks, my youngest son, whose 9 months old is cutting his second tooth and has a snotty nose so he's not taking his naps during the day, my oldest son is going through his terrible two's and is quiet a handful, and I'm feeling rundown trying to keep up with the boys, school, errands, family problems....Really when does it get better?    

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