Have you ever felt like the whole world is laughing at your face?? Like it seems like people are looking at you and laughing on the inside but trying to keep a straight face?? Have you ever wondered how people would look at you if they were in your shoes?? Why is it that people who tell you to do one thing and then they go around and do the complete opposite?? Or How is it that someone can tell you I know how you feel when they truly don't, they just say it to try to make you feel better. Or Who in the world would come up to you and tell you that they wish they were in your shoes, when your thinking why do you want to be in my shoes?? Why is it that every one around you, their lives seem happier when your just feels like shit?? How is it that the worst day can be the best day for someone else and they throw it in your face?? How can you go around putting a smile on your face knowing that it hurts so much to lie?? Why does life seem so hard?? Why do we question every thing we do?? Why is it that we have to get reassurance from someone we don't now?? Why is it that you will believe what someone else says before you believe yourself?? Who would want to go through there life never knowing the true feeling of hurt, love, hate, happiness, courage, strength or even hope?? Why do we shut things out of there mind just cause it scares them?? Why do we have to lie to ourselves just to get through the day??

I don't want any answers I just want you to really think about these and if you have any other questions tell me them. I like to think about life and all its mystery's.

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Dec. 17, 2007 at 9:54 PM

lol people do think things about me all the time, the problem is they always stop me to tell me all about it.  :) 

  Yep!  That's 7 of them!

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