10 Real Work From Home Jobs

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****11/5/07**** More jobs added
Customer Loyal Concepts discussions here
Accutran Glogal 
Morning Side Partners
Amphion Medical
Executive Secretaries
Key For Cash discussions here
Speak Write 
1800 Flowers
****12/3/07  $8.25 per hour start

Most of these jobs require that you have DSL and a land line phone. 
Some will take VOIP.

You must have a quiet background.

Sometimes you have to remove your voice mail when working and call waiting features because you don't want the customers know you are working from home.

You will also need a headset.

Phones For Work From Home Jobs

If you have been hired to work from home doing customer service, then you will most likely need a good phone. Some work from home jobs require you to get an additional line specifically for your customer service job because they may need you to get rid of features such as voice mail and call waiting. Most work from home companies require landline phones, and some prefer corded phones over cordless phones. Most independent contractors use the noise-canceling headphones to reduce background noises. Here are examples of noise canceling headphones.


If you would like to recommend any additional phones, please leave a comment.

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