Alrighty, heres what has been going on so far.....

         I managed to get ahold of my GPs nurse and asked her about bringing Leland in to see them.  This was on Tuesday last week.  She was a pain and I wasn't happy with her and she never called me back.  Then, I got a message that she had tried to call right at 5 so I called her back the next day (Wednesday).  Fortunately, there was a different nurse who immediately went to my doctor and explained the situation.  She called me right back and set up an appt. for the next day (Thursday) .  

      I went to the appt. and felt better immediately.  My doctor didn't know right off hand what was wrong with Leland (esp. since the smell has subsided somewhat).  But he immediately checked his ears, clean, then took a look at him and said that not voiding (peeing) wasn't normal and with family history of kidney disease he wanted him checked.  He mentioned that the smell could be a result of a cyst somewhere behind his ear.  (apparently those can cause smelly, oily secretions like he had while nursing that day) I talked to him about a cafemom's son who had a liver problem that didn't show up til 3-4 months.  He went ahead and ordered bloodwork for that just because I asked him to.  YAY! 

           My Dr. ordered bloodwork for that afternoon (it was terrible--poor baby)  He wanted to check kidneys/liver function and hemoglobin.  He ordered a urine sample be taken for tests.  And he ordered an ultrasound of Leland's kidneys for the next day, Friday.  We went to that and the Radiologist said he didn't see anything noticeable right off hand but would take a further look and send it to my Dr.

         This week my Dr. is supposed to be setting us up an appt. for us to see the pediatric specialists at the children's hospital.  they have the special equipment necessary to check for cysts in the brain on such a tiny infant. 

            so far, we do not know anything but i feel better already just knowing he is in good hands now.  my doctor prescribed him a hydrocortizone cream or something for his scalp to use along with johnsons.....but really, after just washing his little head really good the other day with johnsons, its almost all gone (not a bad case to begin with).   

         i'm still off my vitamins and meds and having a tough time but at least that helps rule out those too. lately, we haven't had anymore dry diapers so thats good.  he seems to be eating okay for the most part..... it could be a little better though.   

         I'll try to keep everyone updated.   Keep praying for him.  Thanks everyone!  I hope I answered everyone's questions....if I didn't, just email me....things have been nuts...its hard to keep up with everything!


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Dec. 10, 2007 at 1:45 PM I'm so glad the doctor actually ran tests. Hopefully you can find what's wrong with him soon so that he doesn't have to suffer.  You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.  Good luck.

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Dec. 11, 2007 at 12:46 AM OH I'm so glad i almost cried when i read this. good for you and your doc. i hope you find out soon good luck . oh an i know how hard that is to watch them get blood from your baby if you remember back when you first wrote my son had just been through all the nasty test  too blood, pee, throat even boogers,  i'm sorry he had to go through that but good that you will know soon and get him better  yay for you GOOD LUCK MAMA

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