As I watch Kyle every day, whether he is playing on his own or interacting with me or my husband, I just get this feeling of pride.  Of course as a first time mom, I had so many doubts and worries in the beginning and I know I will always have them throughout Kyle's entire life, but as he grows older, they seem to lessen in number.  I said to Rob (DH) just last night, "I think we've done a damn good job raising him so far!"  He just kind of mumbled in agreement but he doesn't think about some things the way I do.  But I really am proud of myself and the job I've done thus far!  Kyle is healthy, happy, and I love him more than life itself.  I am amazed at how much he has learned and how much he will continue to learn in his lifetime.  He is so inquisitive and wants to know about everything around him.  He may look exactly like his daddy but he gets his great personality from me!!  He is almost always happy and smiles all the time.  I now know why other moms say the love you have for your child is different from all the other love you feel towards other people.  It encompasses everything and it is so unconditional.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I began to love the life I was carrying inside me and as Kyle grew and my tummy grew, I would just look down in amazement and think to myself "wow, that's my baby inside me".  I was overcome with emotion throughout much of my pregnancy just thinking about that.  Most moms say that they forget the pain of labor once their baby is put on their chest and before I had Kyle, I found that hard to believe.  But it's so true!  Once we brought him home, I did not remember the pain because I would look at him and think everything I went through was so worth it.  I thank God every day for blessing my life with Kyle.  I certainly can't imagine life without him.  He is my little pumpkin, my little man, my everything. 

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Dec. 10, 2007 at 11:14 PM

Your son is beautiful. I know exactly what you mean... I really wasn't excited about finding out I was pregnant (I'm a control freak and my husband and I planned on waiting 3 more years). But as soon as she was in my arms I just couldn't believe how amazing she was. Good luck with your interview.

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Dec. 10, 2007 at 11:16 PM

I have a Kyle.  He is my second born son.  Every day I look at him, in amazement.  He is five and continues to amaze me. 

Keep up the good work,!

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