I am apparently one of the few people in a America that didn't know that the Wii was impossible to find this Christmas.  My son put the Wii on the top of his Christmas list and like the uninformed non-gamer that I am I went straight to Walmart to purchase it. I got my first clue that it wouldn't be easy when the sales clerk gave me a look of frank disbelief and said "Sorry we are out of stock" Still ignorant I naively asked if she could call the other Walmarts and see if they had any in stock. She nearly choked in an effort to not laugh in my face and told me that it was a waste of time that not only did none of the Walmart's have any but no other store in Wilmington had any in stock. " Honey," she said " You waited a coupla months too late." She then went on to tel everyone else in the electronics department that I wanted a Wii. The laughter finally convinced me this wouldn't be easy. Still, I went from store to store inwardly cringing from the various looks of pity and outright disbelief. Once I had been to EVERY SINGLE store in town, I turned to the Internet. Surely, I thought I could find one there! Well...at least the computer can't laugh in your face. So then I discovered the Wii tracker. Its a website that tracks multiple stores to tell you when the Wii is available for purchase. I spent the next 12hrs refreshing the page every two minutes determined to find the Wii. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. The next morning I saw that minutes after I had left the Wii went on sale at Toys r Us. Of course it was again out of stock!!!! Then and there I became a slave to the computer only leaving it when absolutely necessary! The computer of course KNEW when I left and only then did  the Wii become available only to sell out in minutes (right before I got back to the computer!) I nearly got one at Sears.com ... I had it in my shopping cart and as I was checking out it sold out!!!! I am totally giving it up.. for real ... I will ...just as soon as I check it one more time....

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Dec. 10, 2007 at 11:42 PM

Your journal post caught my eye because I've been trying to get a Wii since September and I understand your frustration. It just seems unbelievable that there always seem to be so few in stock in the stores but oh well. I wish you luck in your search!

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Dec. 11, 2007 at 1:34 PM Okay, so I didn't REALLY give up. In fact I got periodically last night to check the computer and even now as I write this I have the wii tracker open on another page so I can keep checking! This morning I had a final ( I am a junior at UNCW ) and raced through it so I could get to Walmart, because I had a tip they were coming in this morning. So as I am on my way there my van overheats!!!!! The worst part is that I was more concerned that I was missing the wii!!! I pulled in a gas station, called my hubby and asked what I needed to do to the car so it would make it to Walmart!!! I am sooo ashamed. (yes I went and yes they were already SOLD OUT.)

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Dec. 12, 2007 at 1:20 PM Now I can relax!!!  I got up this morning and took the kids to school, then I went to Walmart and waited for their truck to come in so I could see if any Wiis were on board. I had a final exam at 11:30 and since it was right at nine, I figured I would make it. When I got there I only saw a couple of people waiting for the Wii. By 10, more people were trickling in (the truck was due at 10:30) everyone was friendly and talking about how long they had been looking for the Wii and all the things they had done to get them. A few had come in yesterday and said the line yesterday was all around the electronics dept. As the time grew closer people started edging towards the register and I grew nervous when I realised it was ten till 11 and I had a 20 min drive to get to class. Then it was 11. I was sure that the Wiis were here because all the associates went to the back and someone came out and counted the people standing around. I started praying please be enough to go around because I don't want to fight for the Wii!! Then I was saying hurry up I need to leave...I knew that if I left, the Wiis would automatically appear...Finally at 8 minutes past 11 (two minutes before my self imposed deadline) they came out and said we have the Wiis but there are only 8. (EIGHT!!!!) They told us to get in order of when we came and the first eight people would get them. Things weren't so friendly then... Luckily for me there were only three people there before me and I GOT MY WII!!! ... I mean my son's Wii. yeah that's what I meant...absolutely...

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