so today was a good day to start... i got up got dressed and so forth, i went and had lunch with my hubby and our friend brock at a yummy pizza place, i then went to go shopping for ariana for ehr christmas presents, and then realized i didnt have enough cash so i called alan and he said come to the shop... well on the way to the shop, go figure there is a bunch of traffic on this road called meridian...( for my san diego friends its like 100 times worse than mission gorge) so well traffic is stopped (go figure)  and i look in my rear view mirror and i had time to say fuck and put both feet on the brake, i tried to brase myself but instead i ended up just honking my horn.. ( lol) but this guy had smooshed his car really bad, luckily its not my fault cause i was stopped and he hit me... so i go to the median thing and put it in park and get out of my truck and go to them to see if they are ok, and they are, at that point im shaking like a mother f' er, so i called alan and i was only a block from my dads he came down and then i called the state patrol (911) the ambulance and fire department were first to arrive of course, asked us (both cars) if we were ok and i was for the most part, well the patrol shows up and now we went to writing our statements and stuff....... called my insurance company and they are now in the process of contacting his so my poor truck will get fixed,   but i am now sore as hell and who knows.... but that is my eventful day in washington.


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