Is it just me or are the holidays losing their meaning? I love Christmas and the tradition of it all, but now that i am not near my family and we have to travel on the holidays it seems so rushed. I am trying to think of some traditions to start with my daughter and husband, but can't really come up with much. I am considering having our families come here next year, but I know they couldn't all make it. I really want Christmas to be special for mmy children and while she is still small this year I want to make a start. We are doing our Christmas at home on the 20th after hubby gets home from work, so I feel like it will be rushed too. Then we are leaving on the 21st at around 5pm to go to his parents for three days and then on Christmas Eve to go see my parents for two days. We have to be back Christmas Evening. I am just feeling a little down. I think i might try doind a twelve days of Christmas thing next year, I just don't have the money this year. Or maybe a countdown Calendar, since she will actually understand it next year. Anyone else feeling this way?

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Dec. 22, 2007 at 4:22 PM

We did an advent calendar last year when my daughter was almost 3, so we could count down the days.....

 Also in my family we did scavenger hunts for some of our presents, looking up bible verses and using them as the clues. It was so fun. We are going to do this with our kids when they are a little older. Really my daughter could still do it this year too...



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