Hello to all my friends,

I just wanted to say that I hope your holidays are filled with happiness and joy for you and your family.

Thing's here have been so busy. I failed two of my online classes and I have to make them up so I'm on break until the 8th of Jan and then I start back up again. This online class is hard and I can tell I have been out of school for a long time too.

Aside from that we're all doing well here. We have had 2 snow storms in the past 2 weekends. Did I mention that I hate the snow? LOL We have alot of snow so we will have a white christmas this year. Does anyone want any snow? LOL

For those of you I owe letter's to please be patient I will work on them on my week off. I will get them out to you soon. Thanks your all a great bunch of friends.

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