One day I had black ants in my mom's house. I didn't want to kill every ant one by one. It was just one of those random things you just do and it ends up working. I grabbed the Windex spray bottle and sprayed the ants out of fun and to my surprise the ants died right on contact! Amazing!

So, if you got ants running around your house, spray them with Windex! Make sure to use your ant hotels as well if you need to. The Windex doesn't solve the ant problem it just kills the ones that are visible. I've heard that they just leave if the source of food is gone, but, if you don't want to wait just spray them with Windex. Spray and wipe away. It's quick and easy. Plus, your home will/can smell like Windex (or clean)...if you don't mind it. =)

I just had some ants on my kitchen counter today and I remembered about the Windex. It got rid of the ants and I grabbed a disinfecting wipe and quickly wiped the counters clean. Now there are no more ants! I took care of the problem very quickly.

I remember the first time I found out about Windex killing ants I went out side and started spraying any ant I saw on the cement. It was fun to see them shrivel and die.  I know...animal cruelty. lol.

Do you have another way you get rid of ants?
I just think the Windex thing is pretty cool. =D

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Dec. 19, 2007 at 2:33 PM

that's awesome!

also if you take rubbing alcohol and you wipe some on to where ever they are coming from he will not go pass the rubbing alcohol because of the smell.

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