Those of you that live in Oklahoma undoubtedly know what I'm talking about, even if you were lucky enough to live far enough out to be unaffected. When the weather guys were calling for an ice storm a couple of weeks back, I didn't think much of it. I figured worst case scenario we'd get a little ice, heck they were only calling for a max of 3/4in, and since the ground was warm I didn't figure it'd stick anyhow. Whoa was I ever wrong!

The storm hit Saturday night, and with its arrival our power departed. I think we lost power around 12am Sunday, and as anyone who has been to my house can tell you, without inside lighting in my house, it is DARK. This isn't an issue when you're sleeping, but during the day it is imperative that we have indoor lighting. The house was built in 1912, and I really don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. But whatever the case, none of our windows are great for lighting. So Sunday morning was really fun when we were trying to get ready for church. We couldn't find any flashlights, so we did our best at getting ready in the dark. Surprisingly enough we managed to get everyone dressed (in clothes that matched, no less) and out the door, even if we were running a bit behind due to having no alarm. We went to my mum's after church and hung out there for a bit, and by a little after 4pm that day we had power back. Our excitement was short lived however. Throughout the evening the power flickered, and again around 12am it went off. This time, it did not come back on for a week. (We ended up staying with my mum and step-dad across town for the week. They had power up until Monday evening, but then theirs went out too. And for the next several days we lived by daylight, candlelight, and flashlight. It got down to the low to mid 50's inside the house, but lucky my mum and step-dad have a fireplace so that helped us stay a little bit warm and so did the many layers of clothes we doned.)

Anyhow, without further ado, check out my new slideshow on my profile page. It's of all the pictures we took of the ice, plus then a few shots of what our yard and neighborhood look like after the ice melted and the clean up began. It looks like a bunch of freaking beavers moved in to the neighborhood! LMAO

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