I have been gone a long time from around here..,I thought I had better post something so that those who where wondering what happened know.

 In November of last year my dear grandmother fell and broke her pelvis and was hospitalized.  1 week later she was taken to a nursing home where 3 days later she suffered a stroke. After being in the hospital for almost a month my dear grandmother passed away on December 2, 2007.

The month of November and December were very emotional for myself and my family. I was very close to my grandmother and had a hard time dealing with her loss.  I run several online businesses and had to take care of clients during this time which took a lot out of me, not because it was too rough but because I was not ready to go back to work BUT me being who I am I had to get back to work.

Now 2008 is here, I still miss Grandma very much but have to get back to what is somewhat normal. Other personal issues have been going on to but the main ones were trying to cope with losing my grandmother and dealing with very selfish family members and their treatment of my own mother, again not something I want to share online.

Thanks for reading.


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