Of all married couples. I have always wanted to have a family. I don't know... I see al of there "happily married" and "I love my hubby..." banners and in a way, I really get depressed. I have always wanted to have the whole wedding thing... but it seems all the guys I run into, always turn and run at the sound of my being a mom. I think it's cute to have pictures of families, and I think its super cute when couples take pics of them together, or their rings... I just wish I could find that.

The guy Im dating now... hes really nice... and I love him, but he doesn't like kids. Hes perfect except for that little glitch. Hes made an effort to ask about him, and make sure he's ok, and he even offered to put him on his insurance at work in case my son's father bails. I dont know. I guess seeing all my friends get married, is starting to make me realize Im not getting younger, and my son isnt either. I dont know.

He doesnt believe in marriage either. Its not the marriage part, it is more about having someone there for me AND my son, through thick and thin, not worrying they're going to screw me over. Boo. I wish

Paul would change. I wish things were different...


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Jan. 9, 2008 at 4:31 AM This is where you have to decide if Paul is who you want to really be with...he should accept the whole package. If it's marriage you want too..then this guy isn't going to be the one...have you been with him long?

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Jan. 9, 2008 at 4:36 AM Well sorry you feel that way, but I know several people that have those things and they make post about hating there dh. LOL!!  But seriously, like the pp said do you really want to be with him? I mean you need someone that will make you and your child happy. And it isnt an easy job. This is my 2nd husband. I had a frog 1st time, geez for 9 yrs abuser crazy man. So Im very greatful for what I have now. But thats because I have been on the other side. I hope you can get someone that will make you happy and you will be IN LOVE with not just LOVE but in love! there is a big difference! LOL good luck

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