I feel like a character from, "Days of our lives" because my life right now is all over the place.  Dh has been out of work since Dec. 14th and won't be going back to work until Feb.7th.  We went last week and applied for food stamps.  We called on Friday to find out if we got approved and our caseworker said, "yes."  Told us they'd send us confromation in the mail.  6 days later we haven't heard anything or recieved anything in the mail.  Tuesday morning our water got shut off.  I asked Dh if he paid the bill like he said he was going to and he told me, "No."  I got the bill out, found out how much we owed, went to the piggy bank full of change on the dresser and pulled out enough change to cover the water bill.  I drove into town to the bank, exchanged the change for bills, got a money order and paid our water bill.  Woke up Wenesday to no water still.  Called the water company and they didn't realize we were shut off.  The lady on the phone put in an order to have it turned back on.  I called at 10am and we weren't turned back on until 2pm.  Had to take change out of the change jar to fill up our gas tank so we could make it into town that day.  Sucks, I know.  Dh is doing a side job on Saturday which should give us enough money to get through for awhile but until then we are broke.  Right now I'm just hoping the food stamps card comes today because I'm running out of everything quick.  Went to the food pantry monday they really didn't have anything to offer.  Last Tuesday I broke one of my teeth.  Had to make an emergency appointment with the dentist, but couldn't be seen because I need to be on antibotics for awhile to keep me from getting an infection.  I have an appointment on the 17th of this month to get it taken care of.  So for the next week I'll have to live with this discomfort and try to come up with the money to get it fixed because we have really bad dental insurance that barely covers anything.  Hoping it gets better!



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Jan. 10, 2008 at 8:43 PM Hey girl hang in there it has to get better.  I no what you mean to some extent construction sucks sometimes in the winter.  my boyfriend does concrete work so has to be 38 and warming or he don't work.  Hang in there girl!

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