My poor little munchkin has been sick since Friday. We had to leave school early ( he attends the child care center when I teach) because he had a fever of 101 and a persistant cough that he's had for a couple months on and off. The dr. gave him an antibiotic and then sent us on our way. That night he spiked a fever of almost 103. He woke up Saturday morning at 430 freaking out...still with a fever! Poor guy couldn't stop coughing, so we brought him into bed with us and propped him up with one of our big pillows and he finally fell back asleep. All day saturday and sunday he kept the fever up. God bless this guy, he has a fever or almost 103+ and he's still running around like a mad man! I had to put on Toy Story or Blues Clues for him to actually rest!
Well now it's monday, and I called out of work because he's still not sleeping great, and still has a temp of 101! The only time he's ever had a fever was with an ear infection and one other time, but he had it for 1/2 a day and when he woke up in the morning it was gone!

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