but i am ok with getting pregnant.  In fact we are going to try again this month.  The closer my SIL gets to having her baby the more i want to have another one.  I want to feel those little movements inside of me.   and to think of baby names and find out the sex.  and i loved decorating my daughters room and i wanna do that too! 

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Jan. 14, 2008 at 6:41 PM so youre going to try again?  i saw your post about u thought that u were preg.  i was worried that i was too.  my 21st bday was on sat, and i think i was just being paranoid lol.  i took a test on the day of my b-day, and it came out neg!!  i was happy, even though i think my mom, and aunt were kind of sad. lol.  im still undecided on another child.  im thinking about possibly adopting in the future for many reasons, even though sometimes i feel like i would love to be preg again... lol im so undecided.  when and if i do get preg again i want to have more financial stability, and prob be a little older.  i did always want my kids to be close in age, but unfortunately, i dont think thats going to happen. :'(.

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