wow, so i really didn't realize that these boys liked me so much...i promise, im not trying to sound slutty but there are three boys that always wanna hang out...

one is someone i've known for a long time...since i was 18 and he's totally fun and ridiculously good looking and to top it off sweet and caring to me and everyone! oh, did i mention he fights MMA and is training for UFC? ya...HOTT....we kinda hung out off and on, but i've always had bad timing with him and me getting boyfriends. we lost contact for about two years and outta the blue one day he just walks on into my work...fate?! idk!!

another is a good friend of mine...but he's the one i've been seeing the most. he's totally giving and i have a blast with him...i'm just not sure if im ready to commit to what i feel like he wants...and idk, maybe i am. he's the only one that i hold back sexually with (well, i guess thats not true, but guy number one is hard to hold back with, lol) but i'v kinda been thinking that if i get into a relationship with someone, i dont want it to be about sex to start off. every FAILED relationhip has started with great sex and then ends maybe subconsciosly i am wanting something real with him...

and then the last one is soooo hard to read. he's really great to, but im not sure if he is just trying to date me b/c he is REALLY shy and he just knows me (and we have amazing sex, lol) so im just there, he doesnt have to meet any other girl, ya know? sometimes he's so rude, like his feelings get hurt (i have a lot of guy friends, and i dont hide it and he gets mad when they text or call me) and he says things...but then totally does a 360 and is soo sweet, like calling to just say goodnight....although i'm confused b/c the past week we've hardly spoken! (by the way, this is the ONLY guy i sleep with, not all 3!! haha)

 so...what do i do?! ditch guy number 3? see if things are as awesome with guy number one since we really never had a chance to date but i think we would be really good together? or try a relationship with a good friend of mine? i'm kinda worried about friendship if nothing worked out?

well, if you made it this far...i appreciate any advice or thoughts lol =)


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