So yesterday was Dh and I's 4 year anniversary.  We didn't do anything to special.  We spent the morning together playing with the boys until naptime.  Dh watched his program in the livingroom and I took a nap in the bedroom.  When the boys got up Dh had me run into town on a wild goose chase.  I didn't get home until about 6pm almost 7pm.  By the time I got home Dh had the table set with candles and wine.  He had made a Seafood risotto and for desert he made heart shaped lemon squares with mixed berries.  After dinner while he was bringing the trash cans up and pottying the dog I ran a hot bubble bath with candles/romantic love songs and put scented rose petals all over the bed.  We soaked in the tub for half hour and as we were getting out we danced around the bedroom to John Micheal Montgomery's "I do."  Of course I'm guessing you can take it from there *Wink, WInk*  AFterwards I just fell asleep in his arms.



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Jan. 15, 2008 at 2:11 PM

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary, your dh sounds very sweet! That is one of those days that will always be cherished forever!


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