I love my husband dearly and wouldn't trade him for a minute but man sometimes he really erks me. How many of you have been sick with a fever feeling like you are going to keel over with at least one kid up crying and you are the one taking care of them while your hero of a man is in the bedroom sawing logs so loud he could wake the neighbors! I hate to boast but I really don't think most men could handle our jobs as mommies. And they say we are the weaker sex!! Well for all of those like me I pat you on the back and say well done and think each of us should win mom of the year award cause my husband would never tell me job well done!  I tip my hat to you!!!            


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Jan. 16, 2008 at 2:38 PM

Guess what i have been there and still am..no kidin i have had broncitis since 1 week before halloween and i can not get an inch.. i am still sick and have had my second dose of a z pack ,the dr. wants to admit me into the hospital but u know what i keep thinking about?? is who's gonna take care of everything??? i too love my hubby dearly, but you r right we mom's deserve more than an award!!! 

 i hope u feel better soon!

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