Well, I'm still pregnant!  What amazes me is how many people walk up, take a look and say, "Are you still pregnant?"  Well, duh!  Do I look like I had the baby?  I know they don't mean anything, but sheesh!

Anywho, I had another dr appt this last Tuesday.  I was really surprised when the nurse talked about how the dr would be doing a cervical check.  Not nearly as surprised as she was when I said no, he wasn't. tee hee hee  She couldn't understand why. She wasn't rude or anything, I just don't think anyone ever refused one in her presence before.  I just explained to her that it doesn't do anything but satisfy curiosity and increase the risk of infection, therefore, I didn't want to do that.  I would've loved to be there when she told the dr.!

The doctor, on the other hand, was very cool about it.  He has been very supportive about my decisions thus far.  I love that guy!  He never even mentioned the cervical check.  I bet the nurse about fell over when he told her it was ok.

Since I'm past what they have determined to be my due date, they wanted to do a nonstress test.  Um, what's that? Basically, they hook up the monitor to listen to the baby's heartbeat to see if it speeds up when he moves.  Well, it's external and if it puts everyone's mind at ease about me being over my due date, then okay.  I like hearing his little heart beat.  He was very active and his heart was wonderful.  The doctor was very pleased.  Told him my boy was fine!

He told me to schedule another appointment for Monday.  He knows that I want things to be as natural as possible, so he asked me, very nicely I might add, if I would at least consider talking to him about induction at my next appointment.  I will be 41 1/2 weeks at that point. I told him I would hear him out, but first, I don't think it will be necessary, and second, I want to try natural methods first.  He agreed.  I love this guy!  If it gets to that point, I will lock my hubby in the bedroom first, then maybe go see my chiropractor.  No pitocin, ever!  Not gonna get my membranes stripped, and keep your knife for your steak, cuz you ain't cuttin into me! lol

I honestly think I'll go into labor either tomorrow or Saturday.  I've had diareha for the last two days, sporadic contractions and lots of pressure.  I'm getting close.  One of my herniated discs is bothering me, so I'm going to the chiro tomorrow.  Who knows, maybe that'll do it.  He'll come when he's ready.  I just wish he was ready now!  I can barely walk, my belly button is about to split open, and I'm tired of getting up to go to work!  Wah, mama.  Quit yer whinin!  lol

Pray for my baby and my family, then for me.  They're all more anxious than I am.  Despite being impatient, I'm very calm and at ease with it all.  Can't wait to have my precious little man in my arms.

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Jan. 17, 2008 at 9:19 PM your a great mom

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Jan. 17, 2008 at 9:37 PM I wiil pray for all of you and he'll come he's ready. It sounds like you're ready.

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Jan. 18, 2008 at 12:06 AM

Your going to do great. Your story sounds really familiar! I went to the end of 42 weeks with Goldie... and my OB was really cool about it too, but sheesh! the comments I got from EVERYONE! This time I'm not even telling my due date to most people... I'm just saying, April!

I went into labor on my own and had a wonderful natural, drug free birth. That little boy will come on out when he is good and ready!

Hang in there, I know how tough those last weeks can be!

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