Hey all...Life in general is getting better..Brian got a couple jobs after not having any this holiday season..If it wasn't for Grandma my kiddos wouldn't of had ANY thing to open..This tax season I'm going to try my hand at making candles..I already have people interested from my other boards,so that will be good..I'm also going to try to start sending CARE CARDS to people..What they are are handmade (scrapped) cards..With a little note inside saying someone was thinking about you and wanted to send you a special wish..And to let you know she (he) was thinking about you..My desire is to send them to people that have undergone or undergoing chemo..And if they collect anything make their cards that theme or if they have a certain color they like..Just to make their day brighter..I'm planning on it being free of charge..However would accept donations..Supplies,stamps and good ol money..I do have a paypal acct..So we'll see how it goes..Here's my website address in case your interested or know someone who is..http://www.carecards4you.zoomshare.com  

There's pictures of cards I sent to my sister's..Right now they aren't really fancy but it will come the more I do it.. 

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