My two and a half year old cracks me up. He recently started what he thinks is name calling.  When ever he gets mad at someone he'll call them by their name and then say they are stinky.  The other day he came over to me after Dh told him no for climbing on the counter and told me, "Daddy stinky!"  I told him that's not nice to say.  He went over to Dh and said, "Daddy stinky, stinky Daddy"  I couldn't help but laugh because it was so cute. 

     Not only is he name calling he likes to blame other people when he gets in trouble.  The other day I caught him getting the wipes out and when I took them away he told me, "No Nolan do."  When I told him no that it was Gage who made the "no no" He told me "it was the dog."  He ran around the house telling the dog no.  Kids are the best! 

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