1. Vary the pace
If you usually enjoy it soft, go for a bit of rough. If leisurely foreplay is generally your thing, indulge in a frantic quickie. Are soft moans your usual expression of pleasure? Try talking dirty for a change. You'll be stunned at the excitement this will generate – almost as exhilarating as taking a new lover!

2. Give yourself a Brazilian
Don't just trim down there - remove the entire range of cooch hair, and the sex will be electric. Removing the hairs hurts like hell, but many women who try this radical wax job never let the hairs grow back. Why? Partly because the mop of pubes that nature bestowed on women has a slight numbing effect during sex and partly because, let's face it, there's something breathtakingly naughty about leaving yourself exposed down there.

3. Go posh on the outside and slutty on the inside
Teem foxy underwear with something prim on top, like a Maggie Thatcher blouse and a tweed skirt. You'll feel powerful, beautiful and incredibly saucy, and your man will be driven wild when you give him the occasional flash of a gartered leg.

4. Learn to give the perfect hand job
Here are two natty techniques to put a whole new spin on your handiwork. The Flame: pretend you're lighting a campfire with two sticks and spin your lover's penis between your fingers. The Love Tug: as you're stroking him, lightly pull on the wispy strands of pubic hair sprouting from his testicles - you'll have him howling in delight.

5. Cook the evening meal in the buff
New research finds that sweating over a hot stove is the perfect opportunity to get kinky.

6. Buy toys online
Fancy giving a vibrator a whirl, but too shy to browse through the sex shops? Then buy a vibe online. There's been a recent surge of interest in this clever little device since a clutch of British gyno's started prescribing it for women with sexual dysfunction (a term that covers anything from a general lack of desire to severe genital deformity). Try www.dawnkoch.pureromance.com!

7. Turn your lovemaking into an all-night affair
Most men pop their corks within minutes of starting sex, but here are two sure-fire ways of keeping yours on the edge for hours. The stop-start method is usually taught to men who ejaculate prematurely, but it has the same delaying effect on regular blokes, too. It involves your lover 'freezing' when he feels he's about to come, then continuing to thrust when the feeling subsides, stopping again when necessary. Also try the squeeze method, which involves you (or him) squeezing his penis just under the head quite firmly between finger and thumb moments before he climaxes - a technique that is almost guaranteed to bring him back from the brink.

8. Be selective with the photos you hang in the bedroom
If your dressing table is groaning with framed pictures of your darling little ones, best friends or parents, rethink the décor - lovers don't perform at their best with little Tommy or Aunt Mavis beaming at them from across the room. Banish family and friends to the living room and replace with beautiful images of you and your lover at various stages of your relationship.

9. Turn his body into a masterpiece - then lick him clean No love nest is complete without a palate of colourful, edible body paints.  Chocolate sauce and whipped cream is a great alternative!  Drip fruit juices over his nipples, and lick him clean!  Yum!

10. Teach yourself to orgasm
Anorgasmia (the inability to climax) is scarily common among women, and it's not always related to insufficient stimulation or sexual inhibitions - physical problems, like nerve damage and medication, can also interfere with a woman's ability to hit the Big O.  Try a G-Spot vibe, at www.dawnkoch.pureromance.com.

11. Help him find your G-spot
It's a tricky one to locate, but perseverance usually pays. This super-sensitive area is on the front wall of your vagina and the way to feel its presence during sex is to put yourself on top - lean back, rest your weight on your hands and bob up and down at your pace. Doggy-style is pretty effective too.

12. Tickle his G-spot
Yes, they have one, too (though technically it's called the prostate gland), and you can find it by popping your lubricated, short-nailed index finger up his anal passage. Take it slowly, allowing the muscles of his rectum to overcome the automatic reflex to contract, then curl your finger slightly in a 'come this way' gesture, tapping the wall of his rectum. Then lean back and watch him writhe in ecstasy.

13. Don't be defeated by a plateau
It's very common for women to feel their passion ebb halfway through sex, despite the fact that moments earlier they'd been on the edge of a climax. When this happens, ease off with the stimulation (your fingers, his fingers, a vibrator – whatever) then slowly build the momentum back again. Concentrate on the sensations you're experiencing and if your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the task in hand.

14. Wax yourself a sex symbol
If Brazilian and landing strips are simply too radical for your tastes, why not wow your lover by grooming your pubes into a sexy heart shape. Feather and fluff your artwork when you are done.

15. Introduce literary fantasy to the bedroom
Read erotica or listen to X-rated books on tape.

16. Take an erotic shower à deux
And if lathering each other up with rose-scented suds doesn't do the trick, try lowering the shower-head - many women find the jet of water brings them to a climax (I bought one, LOVE it!).

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