Just a quick question for all the married moms. What would you do if some woman was constantly texting your man and calling after you have told her to stop?

Please let me explain even though it is a little long. My hubby works part time at a bowling alley,  he has another really good job but he does it because he enjoys it and it brings in a little extra cash. He used to be the manager but stepped down after he got his new job. The owner still considers him the go to guy so his number is posted on the wall for employees if they have a problem or a question. Well this one girl was texting him non work related things and calling even when she was not at work. I confronted her and said he was married that she needed to back off. I was very nice and left it at that. She was recently fired but she is still texting him and calling him. Now before you blame it on my husband he has told her to stop,  I have been right there I know he doesn't like her or anything but  I really want her to stop. His phone company won't let us change his number untill his contract is up and that is in a year and a half. How can I get the point across with out getting myself into trouble!

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Jan. 21, 2008 at 10:56 AM

Have him block her number. I know my phone I can block certain numbers. If that doesn't work you may have to get a little more forceful. Also ask the manager of the bowling alley to take down his number.  If he really needs him I'm sure he knows your husbands number.



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Jan. 21, 2008 at 10:57 AM

The next time she calls, tell her you are having the discussion monitored so you can take the harrassment claim to the police.  If she insists in continuing this behavior, you will be getting a restraining order and pressing harassment charges against her. 

 You don't have to actually do any of this--I had an individual harassing me on the phone and this is exactly what I said during the last phone call.  It got the point across.  since your cell phone records will have a list of all incoming calls, it is easy to provide evidence. 

 Hope it works!

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