I've lived in Alaska all my life. I was born in Sitka, Ak. But I have only gone there 2 times in my life. The second time I was there I found out how small the town is. I've lived in Fairbanks, Ak for 13 years of my life. I lived in wasilla for a few months. I lived in the Kenai Peninsula for 8 years. I lived in Anchorage for 1 month never living there again in that city. I am just not a big city person. I lived in Juneau for 4 years and now I am going back there next month Feb. 3 I get on the ferry. I now live in Ketchikan and I've been here for 4 months and don't like this small town. Its bigger then sitka but smaller than Juneau and Juneau reminds me kinda like Kenai Peninsula towns.

Living in southeast alaska, thats where I am now. Is very expensive to live then the rest of alaska. Cost of rentals, buy homes, food, everything else is more expensive in Southeast alaska then the rest of Alaska. I won't ever live in point Baker, Ak I hear from someone who visits there store there that milk is $8. a gallon. I live in Ketchikan where milk is Almost $6 gallon if not on sale. I usually buy 1/2 gallon of milk for $3. But I hate buying cheese here wow expensive. 2lbs. of safeway's brand cheese is $9 to $10 at times for cheese. I await the sales and other times I just buy it cause i make sure my son gets his cheese. now in Juneau that same type of cheese is $6. milk I think is a little less. 

Now Ketchikan has cheaper rentals then Juneau has. I got me a 1 bed room apartment right now for $700. a month but only here in Ketchikan alot of landlords make the tent pay all the utilities. In Juneau you rarely see a 1 bedroom less then $800 a month but that is not including all utilities, usually you only pay your electric, phone ,cable, etc. I can't even look at 2 bed room apartments here in Southeast they range from $1000. and up. that don't matter what town you live in. In Juneau taxes are 5% but in Ketchikan they are 7% tax. Maybe thats why I think things are more here then back home where I am next month.

Now if you move to Anchorage wow things are cheaper then here in southeast but its huge city and very cold in the winter and nice warm weather in the summer. I like shopping there and miss living closer. A lot of alaskans will say the same its only good for shopping not living there. you have to like the city and mind the extreme cold to live there.  i was raised in small towns and thats what I like but not tiny towns. I miss Soldotna, Alaska, Wasilla, and Juneau. Those are my past favorite places to live. But I am still doing research for where I want to live permently I am tired of moving all the time. thats what me and my family did alot when i was growing up.

Now living in Kenai peninsula is cheap living but theres two problems with living there that I say at least. 1. its very hard to get a job there if you don't have a college degree or your own business to start up there when you move there. 2. Its cold there in the winter time and summer time ain't really warm, mostly windy. I lived in Soldotna, Kenai, and sterling. those towns are close together and they all are around the rivers and that makes it very cold. I don't remember a time when it got 80F that never happened. theres the 5% tax. Anchorage has no tax and that's the only town in Alaska who don't have tax. but living there is cheap. you can get a 2 bedroom aptment for less then $800 at times. though I haven't lived there now for 4 years so I am not sure what the changes are. I talk to my few family member who live there and they say its not as cold as when I lived there. that global warming has warmed it up a little. I want to go visit next year. 

I can't say much about wasilla since I only lived there a few months in the summer time. first off its a small town only a few hours out of Anchrage. its a cold town and not really warm in the summer eigther. thats all I remember. I haven't lived there since I was a young kid.

Now living in fairbanks is extremely cold and can't understand why my brother moved back there from texas. he lived there for years but I know he remembers the cold winters. For those who love hot weather in the summer fairbanks is the town for you it can get up to 100F degrees there. Its not a hugh city but its a big town and I will never go there again. mostly because of the weather year around. I like weather in the summer thats less than 80F.And fairbanks has way to much snow for me in the winter time. its one of the worst towns to live in for winter time season in this state. I know theres probably more towns further north but I never been further north and don't want to.

I like my winters not less then 30F. That is the southeast alaska weather I am talking about. thats why its hard for me to leave southeast because here in the winter time it gets between 20 and 40 F depending on what town you live in. but you go further north say in one of the towns I meantioned on this journal its colder. I miss the warmer weather though in the rest of alaska. here in southeast in the summer time you only get warm weather say 75F and up for a few hours not all day. most times 2 to 3 hours of warm weather.  Thats why i want move away from this part of alaska but I don't know where yet.  

here are some newspaper websites if your interested in any of these towns.





I'll post some winter pics of kechikan when I get some maybe today. that is if I remember. I'll get pics of the other towns when i visit them. Keep watching for updates to this journal. 

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Jan. 21, 2008 at 12:41 PM That was a fun post...I really want to go to Alaska...what an amazing gift you have in ling in such a beautiful place!  :)

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