Okay, let me save you some time, money, and the motherload of junk mail. THERE ARE NO ENVELOPES TO STUFF!!!  I researched all of these work at home schemes you see in the newspaper and there is NO work! 

All they will do is sell your (SASE) or name and address to a bunch of paper pushers. They will try to get you to buy mailing iist for $35 (all the names collected...) It is an unending circle....They will try to sell you a flimsly book for $35 that tells you to put the same ads in the paper, secure peoples names and addresss to sell to other people....if your not an honest person you might be able to do this but it's all a big scam. It will also route you into many other schemes like work at home doing crafts.  YOU will be required to buy books and supplies and then most of your work will be considered substandard and they will refuse to pay for it. I know. But they will still sell your work! 

 Medical billing courses do NOT secure you a job, and most doctors offices won't hire you without medical background. My sister is an RN. DO NOT, do the lawyer's chain letter! It won't work because of human greed! You don't have to send the $2 to each person to put your name on the list. But they will sell you a name list a million times (the one compiled above) to send out the chain letter to. The deeper you get into this stuff the more you will notice everything looks the same....Printing, books, list.  (Postal worker book, don't need it either! Anyone can apply at any post office!) YOU WILL BE BURIED IN JUNK MAIL FOR MANY YEARS TO COME... 7 years later I still get the same just so they are still selling my name and address...

Now, I bet you are wondering why it continues. Well, I researched this to write an article on it. After spending $800 I found no work anywhere. (I did find ways to scam other people).  However, I couldn't sell the article to anyone because the magazines and news papers make TOO MUCH MONEY off of the ads running!  John Stossel's book Give Me A Break verifies everything I have written.

It makes me so mad because they are scamming mothers just trying to make some money and stay at home with their kids!!! Don't buy into it.

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Mar. 16, 2008 at 5:36 AM Thank you. Have you found anything real for stay at homes? I homeschool my squirt and would like to do something that doesn't require 49 hrs plus to complete.

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Apr. 8, 2008 at 3:38 PM wow thats great advice I am being bombarded with emails to do surveys and such .And I dont want to sell tupperware or avon . I just need to get back into school and get a real job

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May. 6, 2008 at 6:18 PM

Stuffing envelopes, and all the other similar money making scams have been around for a hundred years it seems. I remember seeing the envelope stuffing thing 30 years ago, and actually fell for it. When I realized it was a vicious cycle of advertising the same scam, I learned that most of those quick money scams are all the same. Yeah, and you'll get junk mail forever..... even when you move!!

Good post! 

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