To My GodDaughters Emma Elizabeth and Natalie Rose

Precious Goddaughter You are a precious miracle,
and a dream come true.
It will be my honor,
to grow in faith with you. extended with love.
I will be your angel,
sharing promises from above.
As I gently hold you,
and look at your sweet face.
I say a little prayer,
may you be touched by grace.
So much of life ahead,
I dream of all you'll be.
Times we'll spend together-
my Goddaughter and me.
I will hold your hand,
and stand by your side.
I will be your model,
your teacher and your guide.
I will give you time,
with thoughts of you each day.
I will keep you in my prayers,
as you find your way.
I look forward to the years ahead,
and being a godparent to you.
May our treasured bond grow strong,
and in faith our hearts be true.
©Teri Harrison.

             Emma Elizabeth    09/08/2005                                           Natalie Rose      12/10/2007   



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Jan. 22, 2008 at 9:07 PM

Such a beautiful poem Jenilynn... :)


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