First off I want to apologize for not writing this update sooner....Jaxon was born Dec. 31 at 8:27 am 5 weeks early and did amazing his first day in this world. The second day was not as easy for him....he was working way too hard to breathe and was breathing way too fast so they intabated him and flew him in a helicoptor to Spokane, Washington. My husband came up with him and I had to stay behind because I had surgery the day before. He has been on a ventilator for past three weeks because of his breathing trouble. First he wasn't getting enough blood flow to his lungs and now he's getting too much due to a hole in his heart. They have tried medicine to help with his heart but it doesn't seem to be working. He is scheduled for heart surgery next week. He is feeding well through a feeding tube and is almost breathing room air. We breathe 21% oxygen in our air and he is on 27% now which is wonderful considering last week he was still on 100%. He doesn't have spina bifida which is so good considering all the doctors told us he did. He does have Heme Vertebres which means they are extra vertebres only on one side of his spine which will have to be corrected with surgery when he's weight bearing. Please keep him in your prayers during his surgery and the rest of our long difficult hospital stay!!! Thank you so much!

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Jan. 23, 2008 at 9:13 AM Well congrats. on Jaxon....I will keep you, Jaxon and the rest of your family in my prayers. Send us an update on Jaxon and when the time is right post pics.......I know it's hard but try and get some rest.

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Jan. 23, 2008 at 9:15 AM

awww baby everything will be ok!!!!  He will be such a fighter just like you! I am sooooo happy to hear that he is doing so well with his oxygen level. Just remember that he could always have another little set back. I t hink that was the most frustrating thing with gwen, she would be doing sooo good on room air then she was just get too tired and they could have to put her back on the canula.....Thats really good that hes tolerating his feedings....I am praying that the surgery will go well. you are lucky that you got to keep him in you so long!  Everything will work out! I am thinking about you and ur you guys!!!!


Jessica and Gwendolyn 

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Jan. 23, 2008 at 1:52 PM I was beginning to get worried about you. I figured something must be up. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this, but it sounds like things are corrective with surgery. That is great news! I will keep you and Jaxon along with the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully this will all be a memory soon. He sounds like quite the little fighter =) Keep me posted! I'm here for you...

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Jan. 29, 2008 at 11:53 AM I will keep him and your family in my prayers. He's a strong little boy, so I'm sure he'll be fine. He's in good hands. keep my updated on how things are going. If you ever need to talk, I'm here

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