remember when you shouted i will never be as mean as you or i will never treat my kids like this? well ok, is this the time when we sheepishly put our tail between our legs and call mom only after we hear ourselves yell " you will do as i say"  or " my house my rules" .  Its 7 days till my daughter is 13 and she is a great kid but let me tell ya ...she is all me.  some where my mom laughs uncontrollably.  my girl is great with those one line come backs and i tell ya sometime i think it would be easier to just reach out and shake her ! but what can i do i try to argue back but its to tiresome so i just send her to her room. and the thing is she knows she is just like i have to tell her you cant talk to me like that i am your mother even if you are mad or in a bad mood or what ever. but she thinks i don't respect her because i get on her about things she needs to do or how she may act from time to time. i need to make her understand the difference.


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Jan. 26, 2008 at 10:07 AM First of all, you DON'T argue back... you do what you're doing, tell her you will not allow her to talk to you like that, and then remove priveleges until she gets the idea. When she starts talking to you respectfully, and consistantly, with no tone of sarcasm in her voice, then she starts earning her priveleges back. You don't just dump 'em all on her at once, either, she has to EARN them. When you make a rule, you tell her right then what the consequence is going to be if it's broken. Such as, "You're 13 now, and you'll be allowed to talk to your friends now until 9:00 pm, instead of 8. But if you're caught on the phone, texting, IMing, or chatting online after 9:00, all forms of communication will be removed for one week. That's the FIRST time. Second time, it's TWO weeks, and the 3rd time, you lose that form of communication for a month. If it's your computer, that's what you lose, if it's the phone, that's what you lose, etc. Are we understood?" and then you make DARN sure you're following up on your promise to reprimand.

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Jan. 26, 2008 at 12:40 PM Yes, I see it already in my daughter and she is only 7...hello?! But unfortunately as you might know WE have to find the balance..Make them come to you with everything and draw that line....OMG!! I have my job cut our for me...Don't we all....

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