So, I need some meditation interpretation help please. I was asking the deities for help coming to terms about my horrible wedding and to give me guidance about the pain I have been having lately. I have been having lower abdominal pain and cramps and fear I may be pregnant and maybe even have an ectopic pregnancy but sure that is probably just me over reacting. I am a little past halfway through my cycle and have been having pain around my right ovary but have already ovulated and it gets worse with sex. (I know I should see a doctor but haven't been able to yet).

Ok, so the meditation went like this. I was suspended in green goo. But I could swim through it even though there were leaves stuck in it like pieces of fruit stuck in jello. And suddenly I started hearing a voice say GET OUT as I went to fully close my eyes (they were closed but I can close them again during meditation to see things better with my third eye). So I swam to the surface to see that it was day but night. The moon and sun were combined into one and then I was forced out of the meditation. I tell the deities I do not understand and ask to try again. So I do. This time, same thing basically. I was in the green goo again. And the Little Mermaid song came into my head and a mermaid swimming by, by she disappeared when I banished the song. I then tried to fully close my eyes but felt pain so stopped. But I couldn't move in the goo this time. And then my hands started burning so I stopped. I told the deities I didn't understand but would try and figure it out. But I am completely lost. And then when I closed my circle, at the end I say whatever comes to mind which is usually something like...

"I thank the spirits that came to bless this circle and accept any gifts they may have left for me. I thank the deities for everything that they do and for always being there for me. Blessed be to all."

But this time I added something. I thanked the deities for life.

I am completely confused and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan. 26, 2008 at 12:08 PM i know why it does not make sense...because it is just a silly dream you made up in your head. or maybe you really did see something, but that would only be demonic entities playing with you, stringing you along, knowing they have you totally decieved. 

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Jan. 26, 2008 at 1:51 PM


I did some meditation on my own about your vision.  I was walking in an English style rose garden at night, there was a solar eclipse(the moon and sun becoming one).  A butterfly(which is my power animal) landed on my shoulder, and I noticed a rose growing at my feet.

I took this as, in the stress that is everyday life, you're forgetting to see the beauty in everyday life.  Dont forget to stop and smell the roses, this is our Mother showing us her love.  The solar eclipse in your meditation is especially meaningful!  Our primative ancestors saw this as a sign.  For me, it is both God and Goddess as one on Earth.  They are there in your life.  Dont close your eyes to it even for a minute, you world will open up the minute you leave this behind.

this is just my sight on the matter, i hope its been helpful.  I know the previous comment was not and that's very irritating to me.  Our religion is our religion and doesn't need unhelpful biases when you're sincerely asking for guidance.

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