My son is beginning to hve a sweet tooth... and i wish he'd just eat better... he is only a year old and when he was younger he would eat anything.. now he just wants gerber ... flour tortillas...hmm... his cereal  and milk... but oh my god before he use to eat whatver i was eating... now he just spits it out... and plays with it. I like to make him healthy things lilke chicken soup and just about anything homemade but he spits everything out... it sucks to have cooked it and then i'm the one having to end up eating it. hopefully he grows out of this phase quick... oh and by the way he likes cheeseburgers... he takes good bites of them and fries too... i feel like a bad mom but ... sometimes i just give him what he wants so he'll eat something

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Jan. 29, 2008 at 12:39 AM Seriously, I am dealing with the same thing!! She hates anything healthy, she used to eat great when she was eating baby food, and then she went to where she only eats bread products and spaghetti and jambalaya. Its not great for her. I do the same thing, and now I am to the point where I am not giving her any bread besides the whole wheat flax seed waffles with no syrup in the morning. Other than that, she only gets fruits and veggies. She hardly eats, but I figure she won't starve herself, and eventually she will eat it. I wish I had more to say, or better advice. SORRY!! Let me know if you come up with something.

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Jan. 29, 2008 at 2:10 PM

Your not a bad mom. What you can do is check exactly what he likes and try to incorporate in every day meal. My son loves anything chicken,veggies, and he loves meat anything meat actually. My little girl doesn't like that she loves pasta, breads, she eats anything soups. Try and do a soup with a little of everything and see what he eats. That works for me cuz if one doesn't eat something i just change the plates and they each finish what the other didn't. lol. saves me money and they eat.

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