Growing up I had a neice who wasn't too far from my age I was born in April of '79 and she was born in July that same year. She was my only friend growing up and I guess my parents had more money than hers. But,it was only because they both worked. But her dad wouldn't had her mom was mainly on walfare. Well,she would come over on weekends or she would come and spend weeks at a time during the summer. I don't know if all these barbies where mine or some where hers too or what but we had this suitcase full of barbies. They had all kinds of toys,clothes,dishes,etc that went with them. And when I'd go over her house she'd keep them to play with over there til We saw each other again and then when I would keep them till next time. I don't know what ever really happened to those barbies. We had moved and I thought I had gotten them but,I never could find them when we got to the new house. I was so upset about it but,during that time I guess we needed to move on to something else besides barbies. Well,growing up my Neice was always my best friend and could be found close by. I know my parents gave me a better life than her own and I can't help that its not my doing!!!!!!! Its not my fault that her dad would be too drunk or too high to get off his lazy butt and work! well,she met a guy in High School Her first love and I always felt like the 3rd wheel. I went on about my life. Done things I shouldn't of and really regret now. Anyways our friendship is over now and really its sad that she can't be here to see my child grow up like we always talked about. 7 years ago she had a baby went full term with him had to be induced. She had State Gov't insurance and well they let her lay in labor with the baby in birth canal too long she had to have a C Section and she almost died as well as her baby. Well,the baby on had 3 % chance at life she didn't even hold him before he died. The doc said either aiflift him to a hospital 3 hrs away and give him a chance or hold him till he passes she chose to give him a chance at life and any mother would had done the same. Well,he died 7 hours later. She took it harder than anything she's ever went through. She's lost alot in life and thats not my fault either. Her mother,my sister(Same person) committed suicide in 2003 over something so stupid---a Man!

 She no longer talk to me and I don't know why??? I'd give the shirt off my back for her. She emailed me awhile back and said I always got everything I wanted which isn't true I know my parents always kept shoes and clothes on me and a roof over our head and food on the table. When she emailed me she accused me of not feeding my baby. I told her that no I don't want her eating Junk Food all the time no! I don't see the problem with that. But,how would she know how I'm raising my child when she's only seen her 1 time since she was born. It just upsets me that she let our friendship go out the door like it doesn't even matter. It hurts me so much. For the last 6 months she's been going around my sister alot and she would NEVER have anything to do with my sister growing up. She will go out of her way to do things for her. I just can't understand. Well,anyways I know I got kinda away from the topic at hand but as kids we where ALWAYS around each other. We where best friends

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