Miss Michigan Crowned Miss America Jan 26th 2008

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 26) - Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund, a 19-year-old aspiring Broadway star, was crowned Miss America 2008.

Dearest Sue, and Whom it May Concern:                                                                

I am writing this as a sincere testimonial of Arbonne’s products, but also as a thank you, to you, Sue for introducing me to this fabulous line of skin care, and to the company, Arbonne, for finally being able to make a difference in my skin!

I never had REALLY terrible acne, but of course, to anyone else who has had problems with blemishes, they seem absolutely disfiguring to you, even if the may seem minor to everyone else.  That being said, the fact that my skin was always oily and I always had to ‘worry’ about the clarity of my skin was going to be for this or that occasion, became a self-esteem issue.  They say beauty is skin-deep, and my skin certainly, rarely felt very beautiful.  I do believe that true beauty is on the inside, and that is much of what my platform as Miss Michigan is about, finding the beauty within yourself and your character, rather than defining yourself by your appearance.  However, of course, I am human and who wants to have to worry about acne when there are so many other, more important things to worry about!?

            I had tried many different self-professed ‘acne clearing’ products; all the drugstore brands, as well as some good-quality skin care lines.  I tried the ones that had salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide, or any other chemical claiming to be the ‘miracle agent’ by which all your skin worries would be banished forever! This just never happened for me.  And I came to begrudgingly live with the fact that my skin just wasn’t flawless, and that was the way it would stubbornly be for the rest of my life.  Then, in steps Sue Trailer into my and my mothers’ life, and Arbonne!

            My mother tried to get me to use Arbonne after having met Sue and being educated about their skin care line.  I was hesitant because nothing had really worked before, and I was in a routine, and as a creature of habit, I just figured nothing was really going to change and it wasn't worth it.  However, my mom kept in contact with Sue, who sent me Arbonne’s Intelligence line in the mail.  As the products were mailed to me, and were conveniently labeled 1., 2., 3., 4., and 5., directly on the products themselves, it was a no-brainer to just follow the instructions and try it, and I didn't have to ‘change my routine’ very much at all.

            To my PLEASANT surprise, my skin began to clear up almost immediately.  And yes, I still get an occasional blemish, but my skin feels so much healthier!  The products really are like a good multi-vitamin for your pores and your skin, and rather than professing to have a ‘magic’ chemical that does the trick, they are just pure and clean, like warm-fuzzies for you face.  Furthermore, after meeting Sue personally and seeing her passion for the products, not to mention her beautiful skin, I could see that Arbonne was probably going to work after all.  This was more than great for me, because I was getting very frustrated that my ‘teenage acne’ was creeping into my ‘young adult’ –ness.  Thankfully, I tried something new, and Arbonne’s Intelligence skin care line is just fabulous, I love it.  I never thought I would find something that actually works, because as consumers, we are conditioned that a product is usually advertised as one ‘thing,’ and yet its promises almost always have a ‘catch,’ and end up failing us, the buyer.  Arbonne, however, was a wonderful investment.  Thank you, to the company, and to Sue who inspired both my mother and me to try the products.  Now I have gained not only the reassurance and confidence that comes with not having to worry about acne, but also, a good friend in Sue. Lovely how life’s gifts are so complete, is it not?

Thank you so much,

Kirsten Haglund

Miss Michigan 2007

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Mar. 8, 2008 at 8:55 PM I'm very interested in this WAH opportunity. Please send me more information! ~Thank you!

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Mar. 10, 2008 at 10:05 AM I PMed you! I would love to chat with you. Thank you for your interest!

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