My husband love football and well .... we always watch football together... and its so sad that now that he has this job... there is no way we'll be able to spend this awesome day together... "superbowl sunday" danm i remember when i use to watch it with my dad and my little brother... it was the best ... we would bond like never before... : ( i miss my daddy ... he' so far away ... but wow... he would make it extra special because we would go buy munchies for walmart ... and well how can we miss the honey bbq wings from KFC... those are required hahaha ... maybe i'll go buy some to watch the game ... just my son and I lol good thing he likes watching football games. My friend and I were planning to watch the superbowl together but it turns out her husband wont be working during those hours... so that sucks... it wont be as big of a deal when i'm watching it on my own...

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Jan. 29, 2008 at 5:25 PM    Aww. Same here. Thats actually how my man first met my parents. He andhis older brother came over o watch the super bowl. He wont be with me this year, either. But I'm looking forward to the comming years where we can make an even better tradition out of Superbowl Sunday. Just make sure he request this day off next year, once he's good in the door of his job, u kno? If you need someone to talk to on Sunday, I'm always online. Smile, ma!

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Jan. 29, 2008 at 5:33 PM

If it helps any, I feel the exact same way!  My husband is deployed, in Iraq.  This is the second superbowl we have to miss together.  It's always been so much fun watching it with him and eating munchies.  I've decided that I'm going to still do a few munchies, just not as much.  And I'll watch it with my four kids.  They don't know anything about football, except what "touchdown" means.  lol!  But I will tell them who to root for.  Go Giants!  Anyway, just wanted to say that I do feel your pain.  It isn't the same.  Try to still enjoy yourself.  Heck, I think I might do something special for myself, while I watch it, like I usually don't do.  I'll paint my finger nails and maybe pull out my scrapbooking stuff.  That way I won't miss his cuddles during halftime as much.  It's a shame that hubbys have to work.  It would be a perfect world if they could stay home with their family and get paid at the same time!  =) 

Have a great day!


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Jan. 30, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Come on over to our house... the kids can go crazy and the adults can watch football! It will probably just be the kids, travis and i anyways....



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